Phone Box Thursday: Gunnista Road, Bressay

Bressay parkrun, which Geth and I did while in Shetland last summer, is the only parkrun course I’ve run so far that has red phone boxes along the route (Highbury Fields parkrun has a couple very close by, but not quite en route). Bressay has two of them – it’s not quite beating the London Marathon’s phone box haul, but it’s still fairly impressive! Here’s the first one we photographed, which is on Gunnista Road close to the parkrun finish line.

Red phone box
Red phone box, Gunnista Road, Bressay, 10th August 2019.

(Coordinates 60°15’01.8″N, 1°11’18.2″W.)

It’s a bit weather-worn, but I actually quite like the effect on the red paint!

I’ll post the other Bressay parkrun phone box next week.

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