Phone Box Thursday: Compton Terrace, London

Here’s the second of the numerous phone boxes along my pleasant walk from Highbury Fields parkrun to the Thistle City Barbican.

Red phone box
Red phone box, Compton Terrace, London, 18th November 2017.

(Coordinates 51°32’41.5″N, 0°6’11.9″W.)

This phone box is a K2 model (I’ve mentioned before that you can distinguish these by the slightly more bulbous top), which is quite a common sight in central London – less so elsewhere.

Phone Box Thursday: Highbury Place, London

Today is the first of a very long series of phone boxes that I photographed on the walk back from Highbury Fields parkrun to the Thistle City Barbican when Geth and I were in London for Beat:Cancer in November 2017.  There are a LOT of these, and we’ll probably be looking at them into 2019, but it’s quite appropriate that I’m starting this series in November seeing as I’m feeling a bit wistful about missing out on my annual November London trip (the Beat:Cancer dates were different this year and we couldn’t fit any of the gigs into our already packed schedule).

Red phone boxes
Red phone boxes, Highbury Place, London, 18th November 2017.

(Coordinates 51°54’64.8″N, 0°10’3.1″W.)

I had to photograph these two through some roadworks barriers.  Google Street View shows them unobstructed!

Phone Box Thursday: Duncombe Place, York

I love this York phone box.  I spotted it while we were running the Yorkshire 10 Mile in 2017 – the pretty bit when you’re running up towards York Minster – and went back to take a photo the next day.  I’d never have spotted it during the soaking wet Yorkshire 10 Mile 2018, but because I knew it was there, I gave it a wave.

Red phone box
Red phone box, Duncombe Place, York, 9th October 2017.

Great phone box – one of my favourites.

Phone Box Thursday: A685, Kirkby Stephen

Today’s phone box is one that I spotted while in Dad’s car en route from Wigan to Newcastle!  Dad kindly pulled over so I could take a picture.

Red phone box
Red phone box, A685, Kirkby Stephen, 24th September 2017.

(Coordinates 54°4’55.4″N, 2°36’95.9″W.)

The phone box was installed to serve the nearby Kirkby Stephen railway station, and is in lovely condition.  Nice to see these country phone boxes being so well kept.

Phone Box Thursday: Station Road, Whitley Bay

Today’s phone box is very special, and is my favourite ‘local’ phone box (i.e. one I can get to on the Tyne and Wear Metro).

Red phone box
Red phone box, Station Road, Whitley Bay, 22nd July 2017.

(Coordinates 55°2’25.5″N, 1°26’34.0″W.)

This phone box, which stands outside Whitley Bay Metro station, is a K4 model from the ’20s, which is very rare – it’s one of only ten still in existence and one of only four still in public use.  Its ‘Post Office’ sign is not an indication of a later change of use – the K4 was designed by the Post Office to incorporate a postbox and stamp dispenser.  Next time I’m in Whitley Bay, I’m going to investigate the box properly and see how much of the original infrastructure survives!

Phone Box Thursday: Platform Road, Southampton

Today’s phone box is from a trip Geth and I took to Southampton in May 2017 so that Geth could conduct some work interviews.  It was the first time we’d been back to Southampton since we’d moved away from the city more than two years previously, and I found the whole experience pretty strange!  I did, however, take the opportunity to photograph this phone box that I remembered passing all the time when we used to walk down to the marina.

Red phone box
Red phone box, Platform Road, Southampton, 10th May 2017.

(Coordinates 50°53’49.7″N, 1°23’52.0″W.)

The park is a nice pretty setting for this phone box.  I wonder if I’ll ever have cause to go visit it again?