Phone Box Thursday: Edinburgh Revisit #4

Dad sent me a picture of one of the Grassmarket phone boxes he’d taken while out on a walk around Edinburgh recently. I miss Edinburgh so much and can’t wait to go back once we’re allowed to travel up again! I first logged this phone box here (now updated) and am happy to see it’s still thriving.

Red phone box
Red phone box, Grassmarket. Edinburgh, 9th April 2021.

Thinking wistfully of a visit home.

Phone Box Thursday: Barry Basic and the Quick Escape

Thursday phone box post pulling double duty today, as I’m featuring the phone box from my latest text adventure game, Barry Basic and the Quick Escape (released yesterday – click the link to play)!

Red phone box
An essential part of an early puzzle!

I can’t believe it’s taken me so many games to get round to featuring a phone box! Mind you, the first game I ever created in Adventuron (abandoned when mostly complete and still unreleased… but I’ll finish it one day!) has one in. This is the first example in a finished and released game!

I might put one in every game now 🙂

Phone Box Thursday: Edinburgh Revisit #1

Mum took a few phone box photos for me in central Edinburgh last year. I had already logged most of these boxes but it’s nice to be able to post an update!

Red phone boxes
Red phone boxes, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, 30th September 2020.

These are the two boxes on George IV Bridge, between the two big Edinburgh libraries (Central Lending Library and National Library of Scotland). I originally photographed them in 2016 and have now updated the 2018 post.

I expect there’ll be a few more Edinburgh revisits in the next few weeks while I continue to hunt for the next Doctor Who example.

Phone Box Thursday: Pixel Planning

Yes, I’m still searching for the next Doctor Who red phone box. I’ve got plenty of other phone box-related stuff to talk about in the meantime though!

There’s a new Adventuron jam on and my planned game FINALLY features a phone box. Pretty much all of my games have been planned to feature a phone box but I’ve had to cut it for space and time reasons. This time it’s actually happening.

I’m not doing pixel art for this particular game – I’m going to be using a different style. Still, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ‘plan out’ my featured phone box through the medium of pixels.

Red phone box
Pixel phone box! With no phone inside as that would have spoilt the simplicity of the image. The box is a standard K6 – I might have a go at a K2 sometime soon.

Within the month, I should be able to share the final phone box image with you! Need to block out some time to get those graphics done…

Phone Box Thursday: Dreams of Dressing Up

Another holding post while I continue my Doctor Who phone box hunt. This distorted-looking phone box will regain its proper shape once it’s out of the wardrobe…

Red phone box
Red phone box… on a fashion garment.

It’s part of the design of my ‘Oh London!’ skirt (shown here as part of my outfit for New Year’s Day 2019). I haven’t worn it – or any skirt, come to think of it – for well over a year.

I’m not sure how ‘dressed up’ I will get for post-pandemic events, because at the moment, after a year of leggings and loungewear, the idea of wearing clothes like that seems a bit alien and terrifying. Still, I do love my phone box skirt, so hopefully in the future it will be allowed out from the wardrobe again.

Phone Box Thursday: Riverside, Padstow

A bit of a historical picture / crossover with Saturday ’80s Photo for today’s phone box! While I’m still hunting for the next phone box example in Doctor Who, I remembered I was going to share this one from the family archives. It’s a phone box that features in the background of a snap from our trip to Cornwall in September 1987.

Red phone box
Red phone box, Riverside, Padstow, 10th September 1987.

It was September 1987, and on this particular day of our Cornish holiday we were visiting the town of Padstow. I don’t have the exact date as photos in our family archive are only labelled by month, but I could probably track it down in the future as Mum has always tended to log things like that in her diaries. EDIT: Mum tells me it was the 10th. Thanks Mum!

The full vista of the photo:

Padstow, September 1987
L-R in foreground: Dad, me, Malcolm (in buggy).

I clearly wasn’t as interested in the phone box as I would be nowadays! The next photo on the roll features a milk van, which is probably even more of a rarity than a red phone box here in 2021, although there’s an interesting article here about their possible resurgence due to the pandemic.

Padstow, September 1987
Bonus milk van!

To my surprise and delight, both the pub and the phone box are still in situ!

(Coordinates 50°54’10.7″N, 4°93’73.2″W.)

The phone box even still has a phone in it as of the most recent Street View image taken in 2018. It looks very well-kept and is maybe maintained by the pub owners as well as the council.

Still hoping to get back to the Who phone boxes next week!

Phone Box Thursday: Watch This Space…

I’m still sifting through old Doctor Who episodes to find the next ‘wrong phone box’, so we’ll take a break for this week!

I found this phone box tin (containing toffees) in the Boundary Mill shopping centre in Colne a few Christmases ago. I got one for me and one for Dad, so there’s an identical tin sitting in my old room at Mum and Dad’s house.

Red phone box tin
Red phone box tin. One of my favourite ornaments.

Hopefully I’ll have tracked down the next Who phone box next week! I’m steadily making my way through the Patrick Troughton stories…