Phone Box Thursday: Marl Lane, Llandudno

We finally finish this Welsh series with a privately-owned phone box. Thanks to Mum and Dad for finding all of these phone boxes last September.

Red phone box
Red phone box, Marl Farm, Llandudno, 21st September 2023.

(Coordinates 53°29’19.0″N, 3°80’45.1″W.)

This is an old farmyard near to where Dad’s childhood holiday caravan park used to be, now a private property. This box is not in its original location – Dad says there was never a phone box there in the past. It does look nice though!

Somewhere completely different next week!

Phone Box Thursday: B4396, Llanyblodwel

This is the next phone box from Mum and Dad’s trip to Wales last year. Unfortunately I can’t tell you much about it as Facebook Messenger (where Dad sends all the photos) is a little buggy tonight – I can get the pictures off it but it won’t show the accompanying messages! I may update this post once that particular tech issue gets sorted.

Red phone box
Red phone box, B4396, Llanyblodwel, 19th September 2023.

(Coordinates 52°79’96.3″N, 3°12’10.3″W.)

It’s a fairly remote location so I expected there would still be a phone in this box, but sadly not.

We continue onwards next week!