parkrun tourism: Bressay

When Geth and I were in Shetland the other week, we made sure to get ourselves across from the mainland to the island of Bressay for the UK’s most northerly parkrun. I’d been wanting to do Bressay since it was first announced that they were starting one in Shetland over a year ago – between my family connections and the special geographical status, it was an absolute must.

Finishing at Bressay parkrun
Coming up to the finish line! Picture from the Bressay parkrun Facebook page.

There aren’t actually any parks on Bressay – like most of Shetland, it’s just fields intercrossed by country roads – so the parkrun route takes place along the roads, and you just dodge the cars if any show up. The course is well marshalled and signposted, and while there are a lot of farm animals looking at you curiously, I was thankful that none of them strayed onto the road as typically happens on the Town Moor during Newcastle parkrun!

It’s not a flat course, but it’s out-and-back and most of the ‘uphill’ happens on the ‘out’, which is definitely the best way round.

I’m not sure when I’ll be back in Shetland, but I’d definitely do this one again!

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