parkrunday: Town Moor #626

I did decide to pace after all this last weekend. I’d had a few weeks with lots of races and other hard efforts, and so I thought it was probably best to take it easy for once.

I asked to be the 30 minute pacer as I’d managed that really well last time and knew the pace I needed to stick to. I don’t think I was quite as steady as the previous time I’d done it, but I still came in very consistently at 29:57.

More volunteering this next weekend as I’ve got another race coming up!

parkrundays: Faskally Forest #138 and Denton Dene #47

Another parkrun catchup post.

Geth and I were in Scotland for a stag do the weekend before last. The parkrun spread north of the Central Belt is a bit sparse, so it was a good hour’s drive to the nearest event from the village where we were staying! Faskally Forest had been on my bucket list for some time, though, so I was glad to have the opportunity.


It did not disappoint. It was a beautiful sunny and warm morning, perfect for a run through the forest. The hilly, traily course was a bit of a toughie and I just sneaked in under 30 minutes – but it’s the gorgeous scenery that is the real star of this parkrun. If you have the chance to do this one, don’t miss it.

This last weekend we were back home in Newcastle and returned to Denton Dene for a second time, first having run it eight months ago. Eight months is a long time and I have improved enough to take a good minute and a half off my course PB, so I can’t complain! Eight months was also enough time for Geth to forget the route and go slightly wrong at one point. We’ll make sure to go again a few times this summer so as to refamiliarise ourselves with the course.

A few Benchies and other friends were out west with us, so it was a good morning.


Back to Town Moor for pacer week this next weekend. Haven’t decided yet whether I’m pacing or chasing a pacer though…

parkrundays: Town Moor #622 and Jesmond Dene #158

Quick parkrunday catchup. The last couple of weeks I’ve been volunteering at parkrun due to Sunday races (race blogs to follow next week hopefully).

A week and a half ago I was at Town Moor. It was Star Wars Day, the day before the Newcastle-Gateshead Marathon/Half Marathon/10k, and also my friend Claire’s 250th parkrun – so a lively atmosphere all round! I was pacing 30 minutes, which feels very easy for me now and didn’t tax the legs too much before my 10k the next day. I was bang on by my watch and 29:59 by result, which is the closest I’ve ever been as a pacer, so really pleased.

Photo by Ian Harman.

This last weekend I was funnel managing at Jesmond Dene (or rather number checking, as they have now split the role – the ‘funnel manager’ used to do both). This is a busy role that I really enjoy and the parkrun hour always flies by. It did help that the weather was absolutely beautiful this weekend – perhaps might have been a bit warm for a fast run on Saturday! No photo as I was busy.

A little further afield this next weekend.

parkrunday: Rising Sun #326

Back to Rising Sun this last weekend for the first time in a couple of months. I’ve been a few times in the last year, but it was Geth’s first visit since 2018.

I hoped to be consistent with my recent results there, but I think I still had a bit of the marathon in my legs (as well as the after-effects of a mild head cold earlier in the week) as I was about 50 seconds slower than my course PB. Hopefully I’ll manage to get up to speed again soon!

Pacing this weekend if I can get a slot.

parkrundays: Wythenshawe #565 and Town Moor #620

Catching up with the last couple of parkrundays!

The day before Manchester Marathon, Geth and I went to Wythenshawe parkrun in southwest Manchester for a shakeout run. There were a few tourists there but not a lot of people doing the marathon – it’s not close to the city centre (where most marathoners stay) so maybe that’s why. However, we were staying at one of the airport hotels so this one was the most convenient for us.

Wythenshawe parkrun
Ready to take it easy!

The parkrun is probably 60% on grass and it was REALLY muddy! I don’t see myself doing this one again, but if I did, I’d wear trail shoes. It was a really friendly parkrun and an interesting place, though.

This last weekend we were back at Town Moor. I had planned on Jesmond Dene originally, but as I was still recovering from the marathon, I decided to stick to a flatter one and run about 30 minutes with Geth again (and our friend Wasif who was doing a similar pace).

Town Moor parkrun
A sunny morning! Photo from Town Moor parkrun Facebook page.

Nice to give the Manchester finisher t-shirts a run out 🙂

Haven’t 100% decided on this coming weekend yet!

parkrunday: Town Moor #618

Back to Town Moor last Saturday for the monthly pacer week and hence my final fast effort before the marathon.

Still unhindered! Photo from Town Moor parkrun Facebook page.

I felt a bit fatigued due to taper lethargy, but it was generally going quite well until we had to run into the easterly wind along Grandstand Road, Storm Kathleen making its arrival known! Still, I managed to hang on to the end and was only four seconds slower than my course PB. Another consistent effort so I was quite pleased.

This coming weekend’s parkrun will NOT be a fast effort – just a nice gentle shakeout and a bit of tourism before marathon day!

parkrunday: Jesmond Dene #152

I volunteered this last parkrunday as I had a Sunday race, so a nice jog to the parkrun start was enough of a run for me!

I was on finish tokens, which is one of my favourite roles – being part of the funnel team feels like you’re right at the centre of things as people finish, and the busy periods are quite exciting.

No picture as I was too busy with the tokens! Back to running next week and my last fast effort before the marathon…

parkrunday: Edinburgh #665

Following a thwarted attempt in late December, I finally got to Edinburgh (Cramond) parkrun for the first time in over four years!

Awkward sign selfie (couldn’t be bothered asking somebody else to take a picture!).

The wind is usually bad in one direction at Cramond, but this last Saturday it was really bad. The outward leg (50mph tailwind) felt like it took about a minute… the return leg (headwind) felt like it took about an hour!

Still a huge course PB though – 25:12, over four minutes off! Can’t complain about that.

Volunteering next time 🙂

parkrundays: Town Moor #613 and Blyth Links #175

Catching up with the last couple of weeks.

A week and a half ago I went to a very muddy Town Moor for my 200th overall parkrun and 100th Town Moor parkrun. Sadly the course PB streak came to an end, but I was only two seconds slower than my previous attempt at Town Moor a fortnight previously, which I think is pretty consistent! It was all about my double milestone that day, and about some quiet reflection.

This last weekend I went to Blyth Links for the first time! It’s always nice to try a new parkrun, and I intend to do so a lot more often this year. It was a very windy day, but the Blyth Links course is very flat and fast, and so I managed a big overall PB despite the wind – 24:05. Geth and I are planning to return in the summer to see if we can do it faster in better weather!

No parkrun this weekend as I’ve got a Saturday race (more details in the next blog). It should be the only parkrun I miss this year assuming I don’t get scuppered by weather, illness or any other unexpected events!