Flying Thursday post

After a whirlwind morning of extra clients showing up with emergency day job work, my usual treadmill run, getting away with only half a pound gain at Slimming World (I have not been good at staying on plan this week so I’m okay with that!), finishing the day job work I’d actually planned to get done today, and getting a small chunk done on my writing project, it is officially Easter holidays and I am off out for a Maundy Thursday night out tonight! Will update properly tomorrow.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Stephen ‘Tin Tin’ Duffy – Kiss Me
Mabel – Don’t Call Me Up
Spandau Ballet – Gold
Queen – I Want It All
Little Mix – Move
Ariana Grande – Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored
Westlife – Hello My Love
The Beatles – Drive My Car
Cast of ChicagoCell Block Tango

Phone Box Thursday: A762, New Galloway

Mum and Dad recently found this lovely refurbished phone box in New Galloway, near Castle Douglas.

Blue phone box
Blue phone box, A762, New Galloway, 30th March 2019.

The inside is full of flyers and posters and all sorts!

Blue phone box interior

(Coordinates 55°07’49.0″N, 4°14’08.5″W.)

New Galloway is one of those places where the Google Street View cars don’t visit very often, so the linked image is from 2009, when the box was still red. It’s clearly being very well cared for now!

Mental time travel

I’ve spent the day happily esconsced in my writing again. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I’m considering just pulling a ‘weigh and go’ at Slimming World tomorrow so that I can get home earlier and squeeze an extra bit of writing in. I do have day job work to do tomorrow as well, so we’ll see.

My characters are currently in 1979, so I’m constantly having to break off from writing and Google stuff like ‘when did SCART connectors become standard on TVs?’ and ‘did Quality Street tins have cellophane seals around the lid in the ’70s?’ An answer to the latter question is currently eluding me. I have watched this 1978 Woolworths Christmas advert many times today, trying to work out from the shot of the Quality Street tin (at 1:00 in the video) whether it has a cellophane seal or not:

I can’t be accused of not doing my research.

Looking forward to finishing up for Easter tomorrow.

OOTD 17th April 2019
OOTD: liking the floral ’80s dresses as we approach Easter weekend. Dress Fink Modell (vintage 1980s, bought at vintage fair 2018), belt unknown brand (vintage 1980s, thrifted from Mum 2019), tights Primark (2017), shoes Carvela (2018).

Today’s earworm playlist:

Duran Duran – Union Of The Snake
Duran Duran – Burning The Ground
Duran Duran – The Chauffeur
Ta Mara & The Seen – Affection
Bowling For Soup – 1985
Stephen ‘Tin Tin’ Duffy – Kiss Me
Duran Duran – Secret Oktober
Cheryl – Fight For This Love
Mabel – Don’t Call Me Up

Writing, and not much else

Geth is away visiting family for a couple of days, so I’m taking the opportunity to get a really good chunk of writing done. I did my Tuesday recovery run (just forty minutes this week – it feels like nothing!) this morning, and have spent the rest of the day working on my Camp NaNoWriMo project, along with a few other things.

Same again tomorrow, except without the run, and hopefully I’ll manage to squeeze some ukulele practice in there too.

OOTD 16th April 2019
OOTD: an in-the-house outfit. Jumper unknown brand (vintage 1980s, bought at vintage fair 2017), leggings Primark (2018), socks unknown brand (2007), trainers Reebok (2013).

Today’s earworm playlist:

Duran Duran – The Chauffeur
Duran Duran – Sound Of Thunder
Status Quo – Margarita Time
Nik Kershaw – Wouldn’t It Be Good
ZZ Top – Gimme All Your Lovin’
Whitesnake – Here I Go Again ’87
EO – German
Sheena Easton – For Your Eyes Only
Chicago – If You Leave Me Now
Queen – Killer Queen
Steve Winwood – Valerie
The Rolling Stones – It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll
Billie Eilish – Bad Guy

A slow start to the week

I got up early this morning because I needed to do some urgent work for a client, but other than that I’ve just spent today doing bits and pieces of writing and looking at cars that I might buy. I did get out for a walk as well, which was nice.

Hoping for a more focused writing day tomorrow.

OOTD 15th April 2019
OOTD: it feels like I’m never going to get out of these winter jumpers! Jumper unknown brand (vintage 1980s, bought at vintage fair 2019), jeans H&M (thrifted from Steff 2016), trainers Reebok (2017).

Today’s earworm playlist:

Duran Duran – Big Thing
Calvin Harris and Rag ‘N’ Bone Man – Giant
Kenny Loggins – Footloose
Duran Duran – The Chauffeur
Prefab Sprout – Cars And Girls

Music Video Monday: recent chart catchup

A couple more videos have recently been released for current chart hits.

Marshmello and Chvrches – Here With Me

Following the placeholder neon video from a few weeks ago, a new video has been released for this song that follows the story of a firefighter and his family. It’s a sweet story, but I think I prefer the neon one.

Meduza – Piece Of Your Heart

There’s not much to this video – it’s all about people skateboarding, dancing, and being in love in an urban setting – but there are some cool upside down shots of the cityscape.

Back to the classic videos (and possibly a red phone box) next week.

Doing Sunday like an actual adult

I hired a car from the car club again this morning so that Geth and I could collect a crate of beer for UK Games Expo (it’s a good month and a half away yet, but Geth had a Majestic Wines voucher that he wanted to use up) and then take some of our junk that we’d been keeping in the garage to the dump, like real grown-ups do at the weekend. We will be repeating this highly exciting chore next week, because there’s a lot more junk still to get rid of.

We then went to the local pub for lunch, as Geth was meeting some friends for boardgaming. I’ve been avoiding our local since I quit drinking, because I didn’t really want to be around somewhere that had so many cider associations for me. However, today it was okay – they do a nice ginger beer that I will log soon.

I then got some work done for clients that I hadn’t managed to finish during the week. More day job work tomorrow – I’m hoping for a bit of a lull over Easter so I can have a good go at my own writing projects as well.

OOTD 14th April 2019
OOTD: it got too late and dark to take an outdoor picture. Glasses Emporio Armani (2017), jumper Ellend (vintage 1980s, bought at vintage fair 2019), jeans Vivid (2018).

Today’s earworm playlist:

Pink – Walk Me Home
Duran Duran – Late Bar
Duran Duran – Is There Something I Should Know?
Richard Marx – Right Here Waiting
Alec Benjamin and Alessia Cara – Let Me Down Slowly
Duran Duran – The Reflex
Prefab Sprout – Cars And Girls

Letting the legs recover

It’s been a good day. I got up early to go to one of the record shops in town for Record Store Day – I had to queue for an hour to get in, but I got my Duran Duran vinyl so all is good!

I then got on the treadmill and did my last properly long run of the marathon training programme (I do have a ‘long run’ to do next weekend but at only an hour and twenty minutes it’s going to feel very short compared to what I’ve been doing recently). Fifteen days to go till race day!

Now for an evening of writing, music, and writing about music. My kind of evening.

OOTD 13th April 2019
OOTD: comfy post-run outfit. T-shirt Cyberdog (originally early 2000s, thrifted from Geth 2014), belt H&M (2017), tights Primark (2017), shoes Zara (2018).

Today’s earworm playlist:

Khalid – Talk
Duran Duran – White Lines
Duran Duran – Faster Than Light
Duran Duran – The Edge Of America
The Undertones – My Perfect Cousin
Duran Duran – New Religion
Fleetwood Mac – Dreams
Duran Duran – The Chauffeur
Alec Benjamin and Alessia Cara – Let Me Down Slowly

(Another Duran Duran-heavy brain day. I have been listening to them a lot this week, which is probably why!)