parkrunday: Jesmond Dene #86

Nice to be volunteering again! I’ll be doing it a lot in the new year once marathon training has properly begun, but for the moment that’s the December monthly slot done.

parkrun volunteering

Standing and marshalling is a bit colder now but it wasn’t too bad this morning! I suspect January might be a bit more of a challenge…

Back to Town Moor next week as things gradually get a bit more festive.

parkrunday: Leazes #88

Been struggling a little with my spondylitis this weekend, so it was a touch and go decision on parkrun, but I felt I’d be all right if I took it easy. Bit slow and disappointing as a result, but I needed to take care of myself. I’m glad I went though.

No picture today as I forgot to take one of my own – there is a Facebook one of me hanging around at the start, but I don’t look very happy in it!


Bit of an in and out day today as I’ve got both the physio and Pilates class this afternoon (same person and similar location, but too long between appointments to hang around). At least it means I get lots of walking done!

I’m quite excited about going back to Pilates class after so long. It’ll be a bit of a change of scenery and will hopefully give me some motivation for my general strength training routine by varying it up a bit.

parkrunday: Town Moor #558

Hallowe’en parkrun at Town Moor today! Not a lot of costumes on show but I did wear my Hallowe’en dress and mummy bandage leggings (not pictured because it was cold by the time I took the picture).


I expected to take it easy today, but got a good start and ended up coming in at 32:27. Not bad in a non-technical dress and strong winds!

Haven’t decided on next week’s parkrun yet – we’ll see nearer the time.

parkrunday: Leazes #83

A trip to Leazes this morning for some flat tarmac. Not as fast as when I wore my magic shoes three weeks ago (I’m a bit fatigued this weekend), but still managed a nice trot round!


Everything’s looking nice and autumnal now. Town Moor next time for Hallowe’en weekend, and then I’ll work out what my plans are for November.

parkrunday: Jesmond Dene #80

Third birthday celebration for Jesmond Dene this morning, so I chose today for my monthly marshalling 🙂 Some much-appreciated Celebrations to celebrate at the volunteer meeting point!

parkrun volunteering

No Geth with me at point 4 today as he was off to Town Moor to try and get a speedy one in, but it was nice to chat to a volunteer visiting from Kent as we headed up. Runners through the point promptly as ever!

I’ll be volunteering lots at Jesmond Dene once marathon training starts in the winter – already looking forward to it.

parkrunday: Leazes #80

Geth and I decided last week that we’d go to Leazes this week and see what we could do with our magic shoes, given that they’re not really suited to the gravel of the Town Moor. This was a good decision as I was able to get some pace up and get a Leazes PB of 33:16, taking 45 seconds off my previous best! It’s nice to tick off these event-specific PBs, especially given that I’m nowhere near my overall PB at the moment.


We both had a fairly good day, so there might be quite a few Leazes parkruns for us in the next few months!

Back on the Moor next week though.

Comma day

In running streak parlance, I am going to earn my comma this evening 🙂 I am going to join the social group run for my thousandth day running in a row. I was a little bit worried last night as my back issues were playing up, but everything seems to be fine today so fingers crossed I’ll be able to keep up with the group. It’s usually busy on the Monday night run so I’m sure there’ll be plenty of company.

After that, I will be joining Geth at home for celebratory cake!