2019 Pizzas #19: The Marina Pizza Crunch

I’ve been neglecting my pizza logging for a few months, so I’d better get them all finished before the end of the year!

The best thing you get in a Scottish chippy (it has been an absolute favourite of mine since childhood) is deep-fried battered pizza. It’s basically a cheap pizza (REALLY cheap and nasty – there was one chippy that actually put one in the oven for me late at night because they’d switched off the deep-fat fryer, and when cooked in a regular way it was the most disgusting pizza I’d ever had!), covered in batter and then placed in the fryer. In Edinburgh, we smother it in chippy sauce, a sort of vinegar and brown sauce mix that tastes like manna from heaven. Make it a supper by serving with chips, and you’ve got yourself the greatest meal of all time.

Anyway, deep-fried battered pizza is also sometimes called a ‘pizza crunch’, and that’s how it was listed on the menu at the Marina in Arbroath when we stopped there for lunch on the way up to Shetland in August.

Pizza crunch
Un-chippy sauce drizzled example.

The Marina didn’t have any chippy sauce (sacrilege! we must have been too far north), but the pizza itself was perfectly good deep-fried pizza.

I suspect this won’t be the last pizza crunch of 2019 – keep your eyes open over Christmas!

Shetland cheesecake roundup

I’m a little late with my holiday cheesecake roundup this year. It’s not nearly as long as my Toronto cheesecake roundup from last summer, but I still found a couple while we were away!

1. Orkney fudge cheesecake – Northlink Ferries

Orkney fudge cheesecake

Well recommended if you find yourself on a ferry in this part of the world. The fudge taste was fantastic and the texture was just right.

2. Raspberry cheesecake – Waterfront Bar & Grill

Raspberry cheesecake

The advertised cheesecake of the day was some kind of lime concoction, but they must have run out, because when my brother Malcolm and I ordered cheesecake we got this raspberry flavour with white chocolate sticks on the top. It was a bit too light and tasteless – Malcolm described it as ‘like fat-free raspberry yoghurt’ and I had to agree.

Short but sweet list this year. Hoping for a more cheesecake-filled holiday next summer 🙂

2019 Pizzas #18: Sainsbury’s Stonebaked Margherita

This oven pizza has been a recent go-to since our local Sainbury’s stopped stocking my favourite Dr Oetker Ristorante ones.

Sainsbury's Stonebaked Margherita
Sainsbury’s Stonebaked Margherita.

I’ve had this pizza a couple of times now but I keep forgetting to take a picture. When I’m hungry it’s not something I remember.

The taste is a bit generic, but it’s got a really nice texture when cooked properly. It’s also really good as a lighter option, as it’s quite small – although I find it’s not filling enough if I haven’t eaten a lot that day.

2019 Pizzas #17: Bumbellini Roasted Vegetable

I’m back logging pizzas again after a break. There’ve been a few recently due to running season!

This is one I had in Colne a couple of months ago – we went with Geth’s mum Anne to try out the new pizzeria at Boundary Mill.

Bumbellini Roasted Vegetable
Bumbellini Roasted Vegetable.

The toppings on this pizza were absolutely delicious, and the stonebaked base had a lovely texture to it. I will be back at this restaurant!

2019 Pizzas #16: Pizza Express Margherita

To clarify, this is the Pizza Express oven pizza that you can buy in supermarkets, not the one at the restaurant! I had one at the weekend when I was in Colne.

Pizza Express Margherita
Pizza Express Margherita.

This is a nice oven pizza – tasty with a good sauce. The standard size is a lot smaller than most supermarket options, which makes it a good choice for a lighter meal.

My mother-in-law gave me and Geth another one to take home, so we’ll be having that as a post-weigh-in treat tomorrow afternoon.

2019 Pizzas #15: Asda Take Away Cheese Feast Stuffed Crust Pizza

I had this oven pizza with the in-laws when I was in Colne over the weekend. I was so hungry that I forgot to take a photo of the actual pizza, so here’s the box instead!

Asda Take Away Cheese Feast Stuffed Crust Pizza
Asda Take Away Cheese Feast Stuffed Crust Pizza.

I’m not usually a fan of multi-cheese pizzas (plain old mozzarella is my preference) but this one was really good. The stuffed crust was nice as well – not too rich like I sometimes find stuffed crusts to be.

Definitely a good choice for a hungry day!

2019 Pizzas #14: Zizzi Classic Margherita

I had this pizza at the Zizzi in NEC Resorts World the night that we arrived there for UKGE. Much needed after a long drive to Birmingham!

Zizzi Classic Margherita
Zizzi Classic Margherita.

I had extra olives and peppers on this one to make it a bit more interesting (and get a slight amount of speed food in via the peppers!). I’m glad I did because the base pizza itself was fairly bland – it was the toppings that were the tasty part. Anyway, it filled a hole, which is the important thing after a long day.

2019 Pizzas #13: Barrel & Stone Rustica

This is the pizza that I had from room service in my semi-awake state after the London Marathon. Never ingested such necessary calories before!

Barrel & Stone Rustica
Barrel & Stone Rustica.

I just sort of inhaled this one as I was in such a daze, but I did note that the sauce was amazingly delicious. Will try it again next time I’m staying at the Thistle – hopefully I’ll be at least marginally more alert!

2019 Pizzas #12: Barrel & Stone Garden Party

I had this pizza at the Thistle City Barbican the night that Geth and I arrived in London for marathon weekend. Pizza is a must-have for a hotel restaurant as far as I’m concerned!

Barrel & Stone Garden Party
Barrel & Stone Garden Party.

There was a little bit too much rocket on this one for me (I prefer toppings that are cooked with the pizza – when it’s covered in rocket after the fact, it’s just a salad getting in the way of my unhealthy eating moment!), but the sauce was absolutely delicious. Really glad that they’ve got this option at my favourite London hotel!

2019 Pizzas #11: Pizza Punks DIY

I went to Newcastle restaurant Pizza Punks for the first time last week, but it will definitely not be the last time! Both the pizza and the music were great and I will be finding excuses to go back again.

Pizza Punks DIY
Pizza Punks DIY.

The pizza wasn’t actually this strange red/pink colour – that’s just an effect of the neon strip lighting used in the restaurant.

It was a really good pizza – it had a lovely textured base and the best tasting sauce! I had a DIY/create-your-own with tomatoes, onions, olives and potato. If you’ve not tried potato on a pizza, I really recommend it if you can find it in a good restaurant – it’s a bit difficult to get it right at home.