parkrunday: Agnew #113

I don’t really know where to start. So let’s start with some stats.

Previous all-time parkrun PB: 28:42, Town Moor, September 2018.

Previous post-pandemic PB: 30:25, Crichton, August 2022.

Previous 2023 season’s best: 30:32, Leazes, August 2023.


Combination of a summer of very hard training, a pancake-flat course, and Nike Vaporflys.

Things that are so overwhelming I can’t even begin to understand them at the moment: previous inability to get under 30 minutes post-hiatus, previous inability to hold this pace for more than 400m during interval sessions, assorted others.

I am in total shock.

Photo (c) John Cooke 2023.

Phone Box Thursday: Bridge Street, Cambridge

Here’s the second of the two Bridge Street boxes.

Red phone box
Red phone box, Bridge Street, Cambridge, 20th July 2023.

(Coordinates 52°20’96.7″N, 0°11’68.9″E.)

Dad reckons this is a replica box and was never a real one with a phone; the laminate flooring inside would appear to support this. At the moment it’s doing a good job as an advertising hoarding.

Edit: some archaeology on Street View suggests it was a real phone box after all!

Even further south next week.

parkrunday: Leazes #120

A very wet one this last weekend. I went to Leazes as Geth was parkrunning for once (as part of his long run) and had settled on Leazes for a bit of pace work as Town Moor was still off (for a festival that ended up getting cancelled… but let’s not go there).

I wasn’t expecting much pace in the rain, especially as I’d had to powerwalk most of the three and a half miles there after getting to the metro and realising I’d forgotten my bank card. It turned out to be a good warmup though and I was able to bomb it round for a good course PB, finishing in 30:32. Still hunting that post-pandemic sub-30! Didn’t have speed shoes on though so maybe next time.

Lots of TMBR folks also got course PBs so maybe the rain was doing a good job.

Lots of very wet parkrunners! Leazes was busy. Photo from Nick at TMBR.

Further afield next time, and hopefully even faster…