Booze Alternative: Old Mout Alcohol-Free Berries & Cherries

When I discovered the booze alternative shelf of the booze aisle in Sainsbury’s the other week (it’s a magic shelf that only becomes visible after you get sober), I couldn’t believe my luck to find that there were not one but TWO alcohol-free ciders on offer. One of them was the sickly sweet Kopparberg Pear that I already knew about (I drank a fair few of those during the time I gave up alcohol for Lent in 2010), but the other, to my great joy, was an Old Mout, one of my very favourite brands of cider.

Old Mout Alcohol-Free Berries & Cherries
Old Mout Alcohol-Free Berries & Cherries.

Could this really be as good as it seemed? Could I really stay sober and still drink something that tasted like cider?

Well, yes and no.

On that first sip, it felt like I was onto a winner. It didn’t taste exactly like its alcoholic counterpart, but it was close enough, and the sweet berry flavour was nice even though the alcoholic tang was missing. But as I drank more of the bottle, it just started to feel really sad and empty, and I found myself drinking faster and faster, my brain getting more and more confused at the lack of buzz, and it made me really, really anxious and actually quite shaky.

And when I finally finished the drink, I didn’t just want another, like what had happened with San Miguel 0.0.

Instead, I desperately, desperately wanted a ‘real’ Old Mout.

So, not a safe drink for me, then. It’s a shame, as I find the taste so delicious…but, well, there’s a reason for that, and that reason is that my brain associates it with getting drunk. One to avoid, sadly.

2018 Ciders #75: Thundering Molly

Well, I had to finish 2018 on a memorable cider! What a great name.

Thundering Molly
Thundering Molly.

This one had a slightly strange chemical toffee taste straight out the bottle, but it tasted much better when poured into a glass!

Well, I didn’t manage 100 unique ciders in 2018, but 75 is not bad. I’m going to be logging something completely different in 2019, so stay tuned!

2018 Ciders #73: Sheppy’s 2017 Vintage Reserve

Dad brought back some more Sheppy’s from the West Country earlier in the year for me to drink over Christmas. Most of them were ones I’d tried previously this year, but one was new to me.

Sheppy's 2017 Vintage Reserve
Sheppy’s 2017 Vintage Reserve, with bonus unimpressed Geth in the background.

This cider is 7.4% vol and it tastes it! It actually tasted a little too strong for me. It’s still got that nice Sheppy’s flavour though.

2018 Ciders #69: Westons Vintage Cider

Double cider posts today so I can get them all finished by the end of the year!

I had this cider in Colne the other weekend when we were visiting for Geth’s mum’s birthday.  My sister-in-law’s father-in-law, Michael, gave me and Geth some beer and cider as a Christmas present, and I made sure to drink all the cider while I was there so that I wouldn’t have to carry it back home.

Westons Vintage Cider
Westons Vintage Cider.

Westons Vintage Cider is 8.2% vol.  That’s pretty potent, and so my brain was fuzzy after just half a bottle.  It had a lovely ‘real cider’ taste though.