Miles in again

I did a 10-miler on quiet country roads this morning. It felt nice and steady and was a real confidence booster for the GNR in five weeks’ time. I continue to be amazed by how well my spondylitis medication is working – all the pain and stiffness that was stopping me from running properly on my long runs (and often my short runs) is just gone. I’m really excited about going forward with my longer-distance running now.

After three good running days in a row I’m looking forward to some gentle one-milers over the next few days.

parkrunday: Crichton #163

Ticking off the last of the three parkruns currently available for the southwest corner of Scotland. Crichton is a lovely setting as it’s a big park with lots of old medical buildings dotted around. However, I didn’t really notice any of that as I was going round today, as I was killing myself trying to get sub-30 (paced by Geth)!

Running parkrun
Trying my hardest to keep up! Photo (c) John Cooke 2022.

Crichton, I would say, has ‘medium undulation’. It’s not insanely hilly but it’s certainly not flat. As such, it felt much harder than doing the pancake-flat Agnew a fortnight ago. I didn’t quite get my sub-30 – I finished in 30:25 – but I’m going to keep trying, as I can feel it’s close now.

The plan is to be back on Town Moor next week, so maybe then…

Great start to the weekend

A really good 24 hours. I found out late last night that I’d come third in the most recent game competition I entered, I finally made it to the social run group I’d been meaning to join this morning and now I’m back in Dumfries and Galloway for some more running adventures here. Looking forward to the next few days!

Gaming time

Another medical saga today, but it’s a bit depressing to go into and it worked out okay in the end. Time to think about more interesting things!

The initial stages of the new game are going well, though I’m taking it fairly slowly this week as I ease back into it. I’ve also got a couple of short games that I plan to play over the next few days, especially as we’ll be travelling again for a couple of days.

An unwelcome sequel

Zombie Eye V is officially here. I spent the day in the emergency eye department again. This is my fifth uveitis attack since April 2019.

Today’s consultant said, contrary to what I’ve been told previously, that I shouldn’t start treating a uveitis attack with eye drops until an eye doctor has out-and-out told me it’s definitely uveitis. This means a day in the eye department every time, unfortunately, but at the moment it only seems to be happening once or twice a year – and quite honestly I feel relieved, because it means I no longer need to worry about diagnosing myself (which is what previous consultants were suggesting).

This has taken up most of the day so I’ll be glad to get on with other things tomorrow.

A slow Sunday

Both Geth and I needed all the sleep this morning so we weren’t awake until after 10am and not out on our long runs until noon. As a result, it doesn’t feel like there’s been much ‘rest of the day’, but that’s fine as I’m quite keen to get back to sleep. Day off tomorrow and I’m hoping to be more awake for it.

parkrunday: Jesmond Dene #69

I was in two minds this morning about whether to push the speed a bit in my magic shoes at Jesmond Dene. It was a real struggle even to get out of bed as it’s been a slightly tiring week, so I was tempted to wear ploddy shoes instead and take it really easy. However, I did want to see what the shoes could do on a slower and hillier course, and it was great once I got going. I was only 16 seconds slower than my Jesmond Dene PB in the end, and that was set nearly three years ago. I feel like there’s a lot of room for improvement if I go about it the right way this autumn.

During parkrun
Balancing a downhill. Photo from the Jesmond Dene parkrun Facebook page.

Further afield again next week.

Bit of a medical admin day

A few issues with meant-to-be-regular medication at the moment so I spent some time this morning on the phone to various admin staff. Hopefully I’ll have managed to get everything joined up and in place by next week… fingers crossed!

I then went to a physio appointment (not my regular physio, it was one booked by the hospital for spondylitis purposes). She didn’t have many exercises to add to my routine as I do so many already, but she did come up with a couple for improving my side flexion (the only major stiffness issue that hasn’t been improved by my recent medication). Telephone appointment next time, though, which is great as that clinic is a bit of a pain to get to.

Looking forward to the weekend now.