New addition to my flower tattoo

As promised…

Iris tattoo
The newest bit of the ever-growing flower garden on my arm.

I had an iris flower added to my collection, coming down onto my forearm.  What I absolutely love is that my old butterfly tattoo from 2002 had a reworking!  It wasn’t the best quality tattoo in the world to begin with, and after sixteen years it had become a bit of a blur:

Old butterfly tattoo
Yes, that was a butterfly once upon a time.

My arm as a whole is looking pretty floral now:

Floral arm tattoo
All the flowers and insects! I’m so happy with this piece.

Thanks to Raven at Sakura Tattoo for my flower garden.  I’m sure I’ll be in again when the tattoo itch next strikes…

Post-tattoo tiredness

So I finally had the not-so-badly-timed-after-all tattoo appointment this afternoon.  I have a beautiful new addition to my arm piece that I will be telling you all about tomorrow, after I’ve cleaned it up and taken some pictures.

I’m super happy with it but also super tired now – three hours around the elbow will do that.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get a nice early night and a good sleep after a few days of staying up late.

Groundhog Day

So, I was all set for the world’s worst timed tattoo appointment!  I had plenty of water to drink and some chocolate to make sure my blood sugar levels were good.  I got all my stuff done (housework, work emails, TV catchup, watching the Groundhog Day live feed from Punxutawney – six more weeks of winter, apparently, though I’m not 100% sure how accurate these predictions are for Punxutawney, let alone the rest of the Northern Hemisphere).  I had my idea for the tattoo addition all ready in my head, and then I paced up and down for the last twenty minutes before I had to leave the house, and then I bumped into Geth on the way out to the tattoo parlour and was able to catch up about his morning at work for a minute, and then I went to the cash machine and got cash out to pay for the tattoo.

And then I went to the tattoo parlour, and my tattooist realised she’d put the wrong date on my appointment slip.  It’s actually next Tuesday.

At least I was able to start Non-Dry February a few hours earlier than planned.  New cider posts coming soon!