Phone Box Thursday: A75, Carsluith

Many thanks to all of you who have been sending phone box pictures in this last week! I’ve now got a good collection to share over the next few Thursdays.

Mum and Dad are still finding phone boxes in Dumfries and Galloway…

Red phone box
Red phone box, A75, Carsluith, 23rd July 2020.

(Coordinates 54°86’51.1″N, 4°35’76.9″W.)

The box has become a lot more overgrown than it was when the Street View image was taken (probably 2009, which was the one year that the Google cars did a perfunctory survey of rural Scotland – they have yet to return). It looks very romantic with all the weeds, but sadly it does not seem to be being cared for and will probably not be in situ for much longer.

Further sad news from Dumfries and Galloway – the Laggan box that Mum and Dad photographed for me last year has now been removed. Mum and Dad may have caught the council in the act! Dad says:

‘In fact, as we approached Gatehouse there was an Openreach van with flashing orange lights beside the site of the box at Laggan (I sent you a photo last year or the year before) and the box has now gone!’

There seems to be a big push at the moment to get rid of derelict rural phone boxes 🙁 Hopefully I will be able to collect as many as possible before they disappear.

Another family submission next week!

Phone Box Thursday: ‘Let Me Go’, Lothbury, and London

I am officially out of phone box photos to share with you, so it’s a different kind of Phone Box Thursday this week!

Last year, when I was still doing Music Video Monday posts, I did a piece on Heaven 17’s ‘Let Me Go’, which is a very nice example of classic red phone box use in music videos (while you can’t actually tell that the phone box is red in this black and white video, it was made in 1982 and therefore prior to the days when councils and other organisations started repainting phone boxes in funky non-red colours, so I am pretty much 100% certain that it was red).

This week, I thought I’d track down the location of the video shoot to see if the phone box was still there! This will be a regular feature when my own phone box collection is running short, so expect a few more posts on phone boxes from music videos and TV shows in the near future.

Heaven 17 - 'Let Me Go', filmed on Lothbury, London
Red (I assume!) phone box, Lothbury, London (from Heaven 17’s ‘Let Me Go’ video, filmed in 1982).

It took me a while to track down this London street, but due to the fact that later in the video Glenn Gregory runs past the National Westminster Bank at number 41, I managed to work out that the street in question was Lothbury, with the help of this beautifully ’80s architecture pamphlet about the bank building. It is, of course, no longer a NatWest, because bank branches never stay in the same place for very long!

Here it is on Google Street View (coordinates 51°51’47.2″N, 0°08’94.8″W)…

Lothbury, Google Street View, 2019
No phone box, Lothbury, London (Google Street View image from April 2019).

…and woe – you can see that the phone box in question is no longer there! Looking back through the Street View historical slider, it was also not there in the earliest Street View image taken in 2008, so it’s been gone for some time, sadly.

However, if we stay in the same position on Street View and turn ourselves 180 degrees to look back along the street…

Phone boxes on Lothbury (Google Street View, 2019).
Black and red phone boxes, Lothbury, London (Google Street View image from April 2019).

…there are a couple of classic phone boxes quite close to each other, one repainted black. So maybe one of them is the original ‘Let Me Go’ phone box and was moved by the council at some point between 1982 and 2008? You never know!

I may have some regularly-scheduled phone boxes for you next week, as Mum and Dad have identified a few more to collect in Dumfries and Galloway. Otherwise, I’ll be back in the world of ’80s music videos again!

Phone Box Thursday: Louden Place, Creetown

Rumours of the hiatus in the phone box collection have been greatly exaggerated! (Well, until next week, when I really will start doing my alternative Phone Box Thursday posts… unless another phone box picture shows up in the meantime!)

Mum and Dad found this phone box last Friday, while staying at their caravan in Dumfries and Galloway for the first time since lockdown started.

Red phone box
Red phone box, Louden Place, Creetown, 10th July 2020.

(Coordinates 54°89’63.6″N, 4°38’11.6″W.)

The box no longer has a phone in it but doesn’t seem to be at immediate risk of being removed. However, it is slightly rusty-looking, so possibly not being maintained quite as well as it could be.

More phone box goodness (in some form) next week!

Phone Box Thursday: Land’s End Lookout, Land’s End

One last phone box photo sent by Bill and Fiona in February.

Red phone boxes
Red phone boxes, Land’s End Lookout, Land’s End, 20th February 2020.

(Coordinates 50°06’57.5″N, 5°71’32.5″W.)

I think the Street View image linked above must be fairly old, as the building has changed quite a lot since then! The phone boxes are still in very good condition, though, as is often the case with phone boxes at tourist attractions – they tend to be kept in a fairly museum-worthy state.

Land’s End is an appropriate location for these photos, because at the time of writing, this is the last red phone box photo in my collection – I’ve shown you everything I have. However, Mum and Dad are finally able to visit their holiday caravan again, so I’m hoping they will find me some more phone boxes in rural Scotland soon!

In the meantime, Phone Box Thursday will continue, though it will take a different form for a while…

Phone Box Thursday: Lostwithiel Street, Fowey

This week’s phone box is another one that Bill and Fiona found in Cornwall earlier this year – a very nicely repainted one this time.

Blue phone box
Blue phone box, Lostwithiel Street, Fowey, 20th February 2020.

(Coordinates 50°33’57.4″N, 4°63’75.2″W.)

The box is also painted in this nice blue and green colour scheme in the above Street View image, which must be fairly recent. But wait…

If you try to move closer to the phone box, you get this older image, which shows how the box looked when it was still red!

While the classic red colour is iconic, I do like the look of interestingly-repainted phone boxes – it indicates that they’re being looked after, if nothing else!

One last phone box picture from Cornwall next week.

Phone Box Thursday: Porthpean Beach Road, St Austell

So… when I said last week that we’d be moving back up north, just pretend I actually said ‘west’ – I’d forgotten which phone box series I was scheduled to do next!

Bill very kindly sent me a few phone box pictures from a trip to Cornwall in February, so we will be enjoying the land of pirates and beaches for the next couple of weeks (I wish I was there for real right now – I bet it’s glorious at the moment).

Red phone box
Red phone box, Porthpean Beach Road, St Austell, 19th February 2020.

(Coordinates 50°32’15.5″N, 4°77’00.4″W.)

A nice smart defibrillator box, which means it will hopefully be of use for some time. The defibrillator company posted on Facebook about the installation of the defibrillator – it has been in place since 2018, apparently!

Yesterday we installed this public access monitored defibrillator cabinet to the telephone box in Porthpean. Thanks to…

Posted by Duchy Defibrillators on Thursday, 12 July 2018

More from Cornwall next week.

Phone Box Thursday: Queensway, London

One last London phone box from my November trip last year!

Red phone box
Red phone box, Queensway, London, 27th November 2019.

(Coordinates 51°51’05.6″N, 0°18’70.1″W.)

This box is only about twenty feet away from last week’s box, and is also outside Queensway tube station. It’s slightly more unkempt than its neighbour, but nowhere near as badly-maintained as the soon-to-be-removed rural boxes we’ve been looking at recently. It’s a London phone box, so I expect it’ll be sticking around for some time!

Working our way north again next week…

Phone Box Thursday: Queensway, London

Here’s another phone box from the area where I was staying when I visited London last November.

Red phone box
Red phone box, Queensway, London, 27th November 2019.

(Coordinates 51°51’03.7″N, 0°18’69.5″W.)

This is one of two phone boxes outside Queensway tube station. I’ll post the other one next week!

It always annoys me when one of the ‘Telephone’ signs has been put back in the box upside-down like this. It looks a bit sloppy. In general, though, it’s another fairly well-maintained phone box.

One last London box next week, and then we’ll be heading north again…

Phone Box Thursday: Dean Street, London

Here’s another phone box from when I was in London last November.

Red phone box
Red phone box, Dean Street, London, 27th November 2019.

(Coordinates 51°51’46.4″N, 0°13’31.2″W.)

Here’s a bonus Street View image where you’re right up in the phone box’s face! I think the Street View car must have had to squeeze past quite closely to avoid the roadworks on the other side of the street.

Anyway, this box is typically well-kept for a London phone box. From the Street View image, I’m guessing that posters etc. are not allowed on the box even in the summer, but I bet it doesn’t stop people trying.

Another London phone box next week!

Phone Box Thursday: Queensway, London

We move south again now for a series of phone boxes that I found when I last visited London, in November 2019.

Red phone box
Red phone box, Queensway, London, 27th November 2019.

(Coordinates 51°51’23.8″N, 0°18’75.5″W.)

This one stands outside Bayswater tube station, which was the closest station to where I was staying. Like most London phone boxes, it’s well-maintained and still has its machinery intact.

More from London next week!