Phone Box Thursday: Platform Road, Southampton

Today’s phone box is from a trip Geth and I took to Southampton in May 2017 so that Geth could conduct some work interviews.  It was the first time we’d been back to Southampton since we’d moved away from the city more than two years previously, and I found the whole experience pretty strange!  I did, however, take the opportunity to photograph this phone box that I remembered passing all the time when we used to walk down to the marina.

Red phone box
Red phone box, Platform Road, Southampton, 10th May 2017.

(Coordinates 50°53’49.7″N, 1°23’52.0″W.)

The park is a nice pretty setting for this phone box.  I wonder if I’ll ever have cause to go visit it again?

Phone Box Thursday: Borough Road, Sunderland

Moving onto a phone box that I first spotted while running the Sunderland 10K in 2016, but of which I only had the chance to take a photo the following year, when Geth and I went to Sunderland so he could look at the course in preparation (he ran it for the first time in 2017).

Red phone box
Red phone box, Borough Road, Sunderland, 14th April 2017.

(Coordinates 54°54’18.2″N, 1°22’53.2″W.)

I love a good phone-box-turned-cash-machine – it keeps the boxes useful in the world of the 21st century!

Vintage fair haul: Newcastle Vintage & Street Food Market

Vintage fairs are back for the autumn/winter!  There’s another one I’m planning to go to next month, by which point I may no longer be strong/warm enough to resist the lure of vintage ’80s jumpers.  I have plenty.  I still want more.

I was sensible today, though, and didn’t buy any jumpers for now.  Instead, I picked up two things I’d actually been visualising: a red blouse to go with one of this year’s Christmas outfits, and a jersey dress that will be nice and comfortable for ’round the house’ days, which, for a work-from-home type like me, is most days.

Vintage fair haul
The red material looks shiny here but it’s actually more kind of sheer.

It’s very satisfying to be able to add a piece here and there to my vintage collection.  Looking forward to wearing both of these!

Phone Box Thursday: Upper Street, London

It’s the last of the Islington phone boxes…for now.  I found a few more a year later in November 2017!

Black phone boxes
Black phone boxes, Upper Street, London, 12th November 2016.

I don’t know if there’s a special reason these ones have been painted black, but it looks very striking.  It’s also great that they’ve been repurposed for wifi – another good 21st century use for phone boxes.

Somewhere new next week!

Phone Box Thursday: Upper Street, London

Yup, we’re still in Islington on that rainy Saturday in November 2016…

Red phone box
Red phone box, Upper Street, London, 12th November 2016.

(Coordinates 51°32’3.4″N, 0°6’19.8″W.)

…and it’s another K2.  I do like K2 boxes!  Shame they have more breakable glass panels and are hence harder to maintain.  This one’s in quite good condition though.

One last trip to Upper Street next week!

Phone Box Thursday: Upper Street, London

Yup, we’re still on Upper Street (aka. the A1) in Islington, which is a great street for phone boxes!

Red phone box
Red phone box, Upper Street, London, 12th November 2016.

(Coordinates 51°32’6.0″N, 0°6’16.3″W.)

This one is a K2 model rather than a K6 – you can tell by the more bulbous top.  As ever, the Wikipedia page has some good pictures illustrating the differences.

Love those autumn leaves too!

Phone Box Thursday: Upper Street, London

We move on today to a series of Islington phone boxes from November 2016.

Red phone box
Red phone box, Upper Street, London, 12th November 2016.

(Coordinates 51.534093N, 0.1051901W.)

Geth and I have been going to London in November for a few years in a row, due to the Beat:Cancer charity gig taking place at Slimelight.  Unfortunately, we’ll be giving it a miss this year, as we already have too many gigs going on in the autumn.  As such, I will have to wait until the London Marathon in April before I can start collecting pictures of London phone boxes again!

In the meantime, I have a lot of them to show you.  Stay tuned for the next few weeks for more Islington examples.