Phone Box Thursday: Victoria Embankment, London

In up-to-date phone box news, the family and I have found lots of them while out exploring this week! They’ll all get posted later in the year.

In the meantime, here’s another one from the final stretch of the London Marathon!

Red phone box
Red phone box, Victoria Embankment, London, 28th April 2019.

(Coordinates 51°50’96.1″N, 0°11’88.2″W.)

That slightly blurry structure sticking straight out of the top of the phone box is in fact the London Eye.

A slightly different phone box from the Embankment next week!

Phone Box Thursday: Greenwich Pier, London

This is another phone box that I snapped while running the London Marathon – it stands right opposite the Cutty Sark in Greenwich.

Red phone box
Red phone box, Greenwich Pier, London, 28th April 2019.

(Coordinates 51°48’32.1″N, 0°00’94.6″W.)

(We’ll just pause here while I have a nerd moment about that longitude coordinate being so pleasingly close to zero! Annoyingly, in tracing the route on Google Street View, I found that I missed a phone box that was even closer, so I’ll need to go back to the area next time I’m in London.)

What’s interesting about this phone box is that it’s red on the inside as well, which is more obvious now that it’s seemingly been emptied of its contents. I hope it stays around as it provides a nice bit of decoration for the tourist-ridden Cutty Sark promenade.

Phone Box Thursday: A205, London

It’s the second of the London Marathon phone boxes!

Red phone box
Red phone box, A205, London, 28th April 2019.

(Coordinates 51°48’57.9″N, 0°06’28.2″E.)

Apologies that this one is very blurry – there was a water station in the way and I was trying to zoom in while still semi-running! You can see it much more clearly in the Google Street View image linked above.

It’s a bulbous-topped K2, like many of the phone boxes you see on London streets!

Phone Box Thursday: Charlton Park Lane, London

It’s the first of the London Marathon phone boxes! I warn you that we’ll be here in London for about the next four or five months. I took a LOT of phone box photos while running the London Marathon.

Red phone box
Red phone box, Charlton Park Lane, London, 28th April 2019.

(Coordinates 51°48’02.5″N, 0°05’25.7″E.)

This phone box showed up around the two-mile marker. It’s a bit vandalised and overgrown, but that’s fairly standard for a suburban phone box – it’s difficult for councils to keep on top of maintaining them. Still a welcome sight early in the race!

Phone Box Thursday: A714, Causeway End

This is the last of the batch of phone boxes that Mum and Dad found in Dumfries and Galloway earlier this year.

Red phone box
Red phone box, A714, Causeway End, 21st April 2019.

(Coordinates 54°91’10.6″N, 4°46’47.3″W.)

This box is out of use nowadays, but it’s still very well kept by the local council. Maybe they’re planning to find an alternative use for it at some point!

BONUS PHONE BOX NEWS FOR THIS WEEK: As of today you have 26 days left to watch Dial ‘B’ for Britain: The Story of the Landline on iPlayer. It’s a fascinating history of telephones in 20th century Britain, which is of course one of my favourite subjects! I highly recommend it if you’re at all interested in phones or engineering or British culture, or even if you just remember the 20th century and fancy a bit of nostalgia.

We’ll be heading down to London next week for the first of my London Marathon phone box finds!