Phone Box Thursday: Church Road, Rainford

This is another phone box from Lancashire that Anne sent me. She tells me she used to use this one in the 1950s, so I think it’s nice that it’s still standing!

Red phone box
Red phone box, Church Road, Rainford, 18th July 2019.

(Coordinates 53°49’90.3″N, 2°78’52.4″W.)

This one seems to be quite well maintained. (This article mentions a phone box in Rainford that’s been turned into a defibrillator box, but I’m not sure if it’s the same one or not!)

Vintage fair haul: Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair

For various reasons I haven’t been able to get to a vintage fair for a couple of months, but today I finally had the opportunity again! Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair was on at the Boiler Room in Newcastle, so I headed down to see if I could find a few things on my list.

Vintage fair haul
L-R: jumper, jacket, jumper. Nicely set up for the winter!

I found the denim jacket I’d been looking for – I’m looking forward to customising it with my badge collection when I have some time (so 2021 maybe? 2022?) – plus a couple more cosy ’80s jumpers for the winter (only £10 each!). My work-from-home uniform at the moment tends to be leggings plus oversized vintage jumper, so I wanted to grab a few more. I’ve also been having a think about selling some of the clothes I never wear (both to make some space in my wardrobe and to make a bit of extra cash), so I’m going to be investigating sites like Etsy to see if setting up a small online shop would be worthwhile.

There’s a lot more vintage fairs on over the next couple of months, so maybe I’ll be able to squeeze in one or two more before the end of 2019!

Phone Box Thursday: Winstanley Wine Bar, Winstanley

I’m still sorting out my giant collection of phone boxes that I’ve not yet posted (the family, especially Dad, have been very helpful in sending me lots of phone box pictures this year!). As such, as I’m now gradually starting to think about Christmas, I thought that today I’d share this gorgeous table decoration that Anne sent me a picture of last Christmas. Thanks Anne!

Red phone box decoration
Red phone box decoration, Winstanley Wine Bar, Winstanley, 26 December 2018.

I love this Christmas decoration and might start hunting online for something similar!

Back to the full-size boxes next week.

Phone Box Thursday: High Street, Edinburgh

Some more of the phone boxes I photographed on the day of the EMF 10k. Here’s a nice duo that stand next to a bus stop on the Royal Mile.

Red phone boxes
Red phone boxes, High Street, Edinburgh, 25th May 2019.

(Coordinates 55°95’04.4″N, 3°18’55.6″W.)

(I’m not sure why, but it seems that Google Street View has started blurring out the word ‘Telephone’ in images of red phone boxes for some strange reason! Maybe they consider it to be the phone box’s ‘face’.)

These two have succumbed to a certain amount of graffiti and flyers – as expected given it’s the centre of Edinburgh – but on the whole they’re still in fairly good condition.

Phone Box Thursday: St Mary’s Street, Edinburgh

Fast forward a month from the London Marathon, and I was in another city doing another race – this time the EMF 10k. On the way there, I took the opportunity to photograph a few Edinburgh phone boxes that I hadn’t yet added to my collection.

Red phone box
Red phone box, St Mary’s Street, Edinburgh, 25th May 2019.

(Coordinates 55°94’95.4″N, 3°18’34.7″W.)

The centre of Edinburgh is a really good hunting ground for red phone boxes (as evidenced by the vast numbers that I photographed in early 2016 and posted on the blog during the early part of last year!). This one looks a bit unkempt inside, but the outside is still in fairly good condition.

Another Edinburgh phone box next week.

Phone Box Thursday: Great George Street, London

Finally! We’ve come to the very last phone box of the London Marathon route!

(This series has gone on for such a long time that I’m starting to understand why I took so many hours to complete the thing – I must have spent a good ten or fifteen minutes pausing along the route to take photos!)

Red phone box
Red phone box, Great George Street, London, 28th April 2019.

(Coordinates 51°50’11.9″N, 0°12’80.8″W.)

This box is the last one in the row stretching between Big Ben and the east end of Birdcage Walk, which is the bit that takes you down to the front of Buckingham Palace and onto the Mall for the finish. I was so wiped by the end that I have to confess I didn’t even notice I was running past Buckingham Palace!

A nice, well-preserved K6 for our last London entry for a while. It’s making me quite excited for the 2020 London Marathon now…one in which I certainly won’t be taking so many phone box photos, given that I’ve already got them all. That should guarantee a PB straight off the bat!