Phone Box Thursday: Great George Street, London

Finally! We’ve come to the very last phone box of the London Marathon route!

(This series has gone on for such a long time that I’m starting to understand why I took so many hours to complete the thing – I must have spent a good ten or fifteen minutes pausing along the route to take photos!)

Red phone box
Red phone box, Great George Street, London, 28th April 2019.

(Coordinates 51°50’11.9″N, 0°12’80.8″W.)

This box is the last one in the row stretching between Big Ben and the east end of Birdcage Walk, which is the bit that takes you down to the front of Buckingham Palace and onto the Mall for the finish. I was so wiped by the end that I have to confess I didn’t even notice I was running past Buckingham Palace!

A nice, well-preserved K6 for our last London entry for a while. It’s making me quite excited for the 2020 London Marathon now…one in which I certainly won’t be taking so many phone box photos, given that I’ve already got them all. That should guarantee a PB straight off the bat!

Vintage fair haul: Lou Lou’s Newcastle Vintage Fair

As I may have mentioned once or twice this week, today I was able to go to a vintage fair for the first time since February! It was nice to walk through the doors of the Civic Centre again, hear the ’50s pastiche performers singing and look wistfully at all the delicious cake that I never have enough syns left over for.

I just bought one piece today, as I’m still sticking to my clothes shopping limit for 2019 after the post-weight-loss-free-for-all that was 2018. It’s something I’ve been looking for at the last few fairs but not managed to find until now – a comfy casual ’80s day dress. This one is perfect for winter as it’s made out of wool and sequins and looks like an ’80s jumper…except it’s a dress!

Vintage '80s dress
All the sequins!

(The lady at the stall asked if I was going to take the shoulder pads out. Uh, NO.)

I also priced the denim jackets that were available, as that’s going to be my purchase at the next vintage fair – I’m looking for a good quality vintage jacket (preferably in stonewashed denim for that late ’80s vibe). The stalls today had all sorts available – some repurposed with designs on the back, some sold as original – so I expect there’ll be a similarly good selection at the next fair. Which is next weekend! I’m excited already.

Phone Box Thursday: Parliament Street, London

We’ve turned the corner at Big Ben and we’re finally off the Embankment! It’s four phone boxes for the price of one today.

Red phone boxes
Red phone boxes, Parliament Street, London, 28th April 2019.

(Coordinates 51°50’11.9″N, 0°12’63.4″W.)

This lovely row of four phone boxes extends along the southern stretch of Parliament Street. If you follow their path north you will end up at the pub where I stopped for a rest after finishing the marathon – but that’s jumping ahead, and there are still a few phone boxes to see along the final mile!

Phone Box Thursday: Victoria Embankment, London

It’s another one of those Embankment phone boxes!

Red phone box
Red phone box, Victoria Embankment, London, 28th April 2019.

(Coordinates 51°50’70.9″N, 0°12’19.7″W.)

I used to marvel at the amount of red phone boxes on the Embankment when watching the London Marathon on TV and seeing the elite athletes bomb past them at a rate of one every ten seconds. I did not pass one every ten seconds at my pace, but there were still quite a lot!

Another Embankment phone box next week.