Playlist Pick: The Strokes, ‘Last Nite’

In recent years, following the chart on and off, I’ve been a bit disappointed that rock music seems to have all but disappeared from the scene. I know it’s still going on in a more underground way (all forms of music are still going on in an underground way, as I know very well having been a goth for so long and more recently a synthwave fan!), but it’d be nice to see it back in more popular consciousness. Maybe there’ll be another big revival in a few years’ time.

Anyway, the earworm part of my brain has been casting back to the early-to-mid-’00s recently, when things were very different and there was a LOT of rock in the charts. A lot of it was rubbish, but I always liked this Strokes hit.

It takes me right back to the rock clubs of Edinburgh and a very different time in my life.

Playlist Pick: The Beatles, ‘Drive My Car’

I had my first vaccine dose today and was trying to find a suitable song. Google has a lot of suggestions but none of them seem quite right. Earworm playlist is constant Duran Duran this week anyway as I’ve been listening to them so much!

Instead I’m going to go with a car-themed one for today.

I’ve always liked ‘Drive My Car’. It was a childhood favourite at a time when driving a car seemed like a fun, cartoony thing to do, rather than a stressful adult world of traffic jams and poorly signposted roundabouts. The 1960s can also seem fairly cartoony to those of us who weren’t there, and this song is a good example of that for me.

Playlist Pick: Duran Duran, ‘Invisible’

There was only one song that was ever going to make my Wednesday playlist pick today. It’s ‘new Duran Duran single’ day!

I woke up early to listen to it on Zoe Ball’s Radio 2 show this morning, and have been enjoying it on and off all day. I really liked it on first listen, which is unusual, as most songs take some time to grow on me.

The new album (which is coming out in October) also became available for pre-order at midnight last night. I may have ordered both the signed CD and the green vinyl. New Duran albums don’t come along very often.

Now off to listen to the single again…

Playlist Pick: Kraftwerk, ‘The Model’

Or ‘Das Model’ to give it its original name!

I became an ’80s obsessive during the first big nostalgia wave of 1998-2004 (my teenage years), and I had this song on every playlist I made during that time (it was actually a late ’70s track, but one of those late ’70s tracks that was ahead of its time and is more associated with the ’80s in popular awareness today). I’ve been in a synth mood again this week, and this is a highly suitable song. Nostalgic for many reasons!

Playlist Pick: ‘Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis’

I’ve largely been sticking with the LucasArts adventure game soundtracks these last few weeks, as they’re great background music for work (and are very inspirational when doing creative stuff). Fate of Atlantis has always been a favourite for music as well as a favourite game.

It probably has my favourite depiction of Atlantis of all time, and that’s saying something! The music reminds me of many happy hours in my younger years, exploring the beautifully pixellated Atlantean corridors. I really need to pull the game out for another playthrough sometime soon.

Playlist Pick: Monkey Island Ambient Soundtracks

I love my Monkey Island soundtrack playlist with all the original tracks from the games, but it can sometimes get a bit distracting when a more upbeat tune comes on and I’m trying to work. However, a couple of weeks ago, The International House of Mojo linked to some chilled-out ambient versions of some of the tracks on YouTube, and they’ve been my work soundtrack ever since. Great stuff.

Each of the Monkey Island ambience videos lasts about an hour, but the themes around Scabb Island in Monkey Island 2 are probably my very favourite out of all the music in the games. An hour is nowhere near long enough for me to get fed up of it!