Happy Hallowe’en!

It’s a quiet one for me today watching dodgy old Universal monster films. I finished my short game yesterday and am planning to spend the week catching up with things I’ve been neglecting.

Just a short run this morning as I fancied an evening in tonight. I run all my short runs at easy/comfortable pace but I do seem to be speeding up a bit at the moment. Hopefully that’s a good sign.

October into November

Just a quick blog today as finishing off my game. It’s a very short one (I ended up entering the make-it-in-four-hours category as I ran out of time to finish my initial project) but it’ll be nice to get something out, especially for Hallowe’en.

A few things to look forward to in the next week. Going back to a Pilates class I’ve not been to since pre-pandemic, and volunteering at a race next Sunday (my first race volunteering! only volunteered at parkrun before).

parkrunday: Town Moor #558

Hallowe’en parkrun at Town Moor today! Not a lot of costumes on show but I did wear my Hallowe’en dress and mummy bandage leggings (not pictured because it was cold by the time I took the picture).


I expected to take it easy today, but got a good start and ended up coming in at 32:27. Not bad in a non-technical dress and strong winds!

Haven’t decided on next week’s parkrun yet – we’ll see nearer the time.

Still quiet (and restful)

Not much to report today, but I am still enjoying making my game! ‘My game’ now being a much smaller project than originally set out last month, as I felt I was getting a bit pushed for time with the larger project and these things are meant to be fun and not stressful. There’ll always be time to finish the original one in the future.

Another gentle run this morning. I hurt my knee falling over during the social run on Monday evening (I had my headlamp on but that particular path is fairly treacherous in the dark!) and have been taking it a bit easier since. Still got a cracking lump on the kneecap, and it feels like it’ll ache for a while yet, but it doesn’t seem to be affecting my running.

One week to Hallowe’en

Getting more used to my Monday schedule now and feeling less strange about leaving my run till the evening. I hope that future Mondays will be a bit less distracting though! Between the political events and the wait for the London Marathon ballot, there are a lot of excuses to drift off and check email / social media / etc.

All of these things are also distracting me from Hallowe’en (my favourite celebration of the year) in a week’s time, so I will try and ignore them as much as possible. Work is quieter this week (so far!) so the plan is to get on with my Hallowe’en game and enjoy some spooky music, TV and films.

Sunday in

Wet Sunday afternoon so glad to be indoors. Short run this morning and now a nice quiet afternoon getting on with things in the house.

Also currently being sat on by next door’s cat as he sneaked in earlier and I don’t have the heart to put him out in the rain! Will keep an eye out for a break in the weather.

parkrunday: Leazes #83

A trip to Leazes this morning for some flat tarmac. Not as fast as when I wore my magic shoes three weeks ago (I’m a bit fatigued this weekend), but still managed a nice trot round!


Everything’s looking nice and autumnal now. Town Moor next time for Hallowe’en weekend, and then I’ll work out what my plans are for November.