More slight sleep issues

Four miles today…

…and I’m glad I got them done because I really did not want to leave the house this morning. The weather was fine but I felt lethargic and tired and could easily have gone back to sleep, despite the fact that I didn’t wake up till 10am.

10am has been my usual wake-up time for a week or two now. I’m not happy about it as I prefer to be awake a couple of hours earlier than that. I like to have an hour in bed after waking up (for caffeinating and social-media-reading purposes), so if I don’t wake up till 10am then I don’t get my run finished till lunchtime and I don’t start work until early afternoon… which means I’m working all evening, and I would rather that not be the case.

I’m not staying up particularly late (bedtime is around midnight), but my body has decided it needs ten hours of sleep a night at the moment, and I think it’s important to wake up naturally if you have the luxury to do so, so it is what it is right now. I’ve always been a bit of a hibernator and it seems I’ve started early this year. Trying not to succumb to an unplanned afternoon nap right now.

I have managed to catch up with a bit of writing today, so that’s something. Same again tomorrow I hope.

Rubber skeleton
My skeleton is managing to look sinister despite his unseasonal floral background. I should maybe make some special coverings for those boxes next year.

Today’s earworm playlist:

WG Snuffy Walden – ‘The West Wing (Main Theme)’

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