Losing myself in other worlds

Another quiet day in the house. I’m finished with the Sunday cleanup, have done my daily writing and am looking forward to spending the rest of the day videogaming.

Back to work tomorrow!

OOTD 24th March 2019
OOTD: comfy Sunday outfit, ideal for sitting on the sofa with my 3DS! Hoodie Intrenacionale (2000), dress unknown brand (vintage 1980s, bought at vintage fair 2018), belt H&M (2017), tights Primark (2017), shoes Zara (2018).

Today’s earworm playlist:

Arcadia – Say The Word
Barenaked Ladies – Be My Yoko Ono
The Beatles – Come Together
Daft Punk, Nile Rodgers and Pharrell Williams – Get Lucky
Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus – Nothing Breaks Like A Heart
Duran Duran – Late Bar

Conquering the nerves

I decided, when I found out about a week ago that there was going to be a second edition of the poetry night that I went to last month, that I was going to get organised and bring along some poems on the very marginal off-chance that I would be brave enough to volunteer for a reading slot. Of course, I didn’t end up writing said poems until yesterday morning – the morning of the poetry night – because of life and its continual determination to get in the way of my writing. However, I got them written, printed out, and shoved in my handbag. Just in case.

Ukulele class last night was good – we’ve just got one more session now before the end-of-term performance in a couple of weeks’ time, which is yet another thing to be nervous about. After class finished, I got back on the Metro and headed to Drink Art Bar for the poetry evening.

I probably wouldn’t have dared volunteer to read if it hadn’t been for the fact that the bar staff asked if I was going to! Once I had signed up, though, I felt strangely calm about it and just rehearsed everything in my head until it was my turn to go on. I felt quite confident reading my poems, but my limbs decided differently and would not stop shaking. Apparently it wasn’t noticeable to anyone else, but it certainly was to me!

I’m really, really glad I worked up the courage. I never thought I’d be able to tick that New Year’s Resolution off the list so early in the year.

Today was a fairly standard Thursday, with a speed run, Slimming World (I lost six pounds this week, getting rid of last week’s gain plus a bit extra!), and Pilates class.

Our friends Kieran and Lisa are coming to visit tomorrow, so I’m just getting a few things ready, and then it’ll be time for the weekend 🙂

OOTD 21st March 2019
OOTD: comfy Pilates outfit, slightly dishevelled! Hoodie Internacionale (2000), t-shirt Roly for Blaydon Race (2018), leggings Primark (2018), trainers Reebok (2017).

Today’s earworm playlist:

Alison Moyet – Love Resurrection
Duran Duran – Hungry Like The Wolf
Barry Manilow – Copacabana
Oasis – Songbird
Pinkfong – Baby Shark

Still another mile

I did my recovery run this morning. I felt a lot more comfortable than I did on Saturday, even with all the aches and pains that have shown up this week. Fingers crossed for a manageable long run at the weekend.

It’s been a bit of a slow afternoon as I was tired post-run, but I got a lot of admin done and made a start on the list of agents for sending out my pitch later this week.

Hoping for a more productive day tomorrow.

OOTD 19th March 2019
OOTD: trainers are back out for spring! Scarf MyScarf (2019), jacket unknown brand (estimated vintage 1990s, bought at vintage shop 2003), t-shirt Punk Masters (2018), jeans Levi (2018), trainers Reebok (2017).

Today’s earworm playlist:

Sam Smith and Normani – Dancing With A Stranger
Lewis Capaldi – Someone You Loved
T’Pau – China In Your Hand
Cliff Richard – Wired For Sound
Hozier – Take Me To Church
Rag ‘N’ Bone Man – Human
Lewis Capaldi – Grace
Fleetwood Mac – Dreams
Robbie Williams – The Road To Mandalay

Your hearing power has levelled up!

The hearing aid saga is at an end for now! (I keep thinking of it in a ‘you’ve finished a quest!’ sort of way, which shows that my resumed videogame habit is already starting to affect my thinking. That was quick!) I went to pick up my new earmoulds at the hospital today. They’ve got that ‘new earmould smell’ that is making me nostalgic for early 2016, when I last got new earmoulds. I didn’t even remember that such a scent existed!

I’ve spent the afternoon getting on with writing and admin, and am looking forward to another quiet evening with my 3DS.

Tomorrow, I will finally have the chance to get on with this book pitch that was originally supposed to be sent out about six weeks ago!

OOTD 18th March 2019
OOTD: you can’t see them, but those new moulds are there. Scarf unknown brand (2019), jacket unknown brand (estimated vintage 1990s, bought at vintage shop 2003), Duran Duran t-shirt Amplified (2018), jeans H&M (thrifted from Steff 2016), trainers Reebok (2017).

Today’s earworm playlist:

Duran Duran – The Chauffeur
The Specials – Ghost Town
Pinkfong – Baby Shark
Sigala, John Newman and Nile Rodgers – Give Me Your Love
The Killers – All These Things That I’ve Done
Duran Duran – Is There Something I Should Know?
Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus – Nothing Breaks Like A Heart
Fleetwood Mac – Dreams

A quiet Saturday

This is the first of a nice run of quiet weekends leading up to the London Marathon! Geth and I have been away a lot recently so I’m really happy to be able to spend the next few weeks at home, getting on with the final and most intense stage of my marathon training and ticking off the things on my writing to-do list.

Due to the snow (and latterly Geth’s decision to go to a gaming tournament this morning), we didn’t go to parkrun today. Instead, I did my weekend long run, and it didn’t go that well. Due to a few setbacks, I wasn’t able to run for as long as I’d planned. However, I’ve got enough wiggle room in my training that I can swap weeks around, so I’ve decided to count this last week as a ‘rest week’ and try the same distance again next weekend. This means I’m still on schedule to do my longest long run on the correct weekend. Also, on the plus side, yesterday’s broken glasses have held together with the superglue, and so I was able to see while running!

I’ve spent the rest of the day relaxing with my 3DS! It’s been really nice to get a bit of videogaming done again.

OOTD 16th March 2019
OOTD: comfy post-run outfit. Jumper unknown brand (vintage 1980s, bought at vintage fair 2019), leggings Primark (2018), socks unknown brand (2007), trainers Reebok (2013).

Today’s earworm playlist:

Pulp – Sorted For Es And Wizz
Squeeze – Up The Junction
Chic – Le Freak
Diana Ross – I’m Coming Out
The Human League – The Things That Dreams Are Made Of

Final edit

I finished editing down that book draft today! I am so looking forward to working on everything EXCEPT said book from next week onwards. I didn’t quite get the pitch sorted, but that will be the first thing I do on Monday.

Now to spend the evening relaxing and getting a few things ready for the weekend.

OOTD 8th March 2019
OOTD: ‘finishing the edit’ celebratory outfit! Cardigan Primark (2016), t-shirt Gildan for Preverse (2015, modified 2018), skirt The Only 1 Clothes Company (1997), tights Pretty Polly (2018), shoes Office (2018).

Today’s earworm playlist:

Bros – I Owe You Nothing
The Bangles – Hazy Shade Of Winter
The Beatles – Please Please Me
Duran Duran – The Chauffeur

A slightly off-kilter Thursday

I did my speed run and went to Slimming World as usual this morning (and got some editing done for a client inbetween), but my Pilates class was an hour earlier than usual (which is going to be the case for the whole of the current course), so I didn’t have as much getting-stuff-done time in the afternoon as I’m used to. I’ve shifted everything to the evening instead, which makes sense as Geth’s out boardgaming tonight, but I need to have a think about organising Thursdays a bit better for the next few weeks.

Looking forward to a quieter day tomorrow, and to finally getting my book draft finished and submitted!

OOTD 7th March 2019
OOTD: too busy and rainy today for a proper photo. Jumper Carlo Colucci (vintage 1980s, bought at vintage fair 2017).

Today’s earworm playlist:

Ariana Grande – Breathin’
Chic – Le Freak
Fleetwood Mac – Dreams
Whitney Houston – How Will I Know?
Jennifer Lopez – If You Had My Love
Steps – Tragedy
Glenn Frey – The Heat Is On

Buried in books

It’s been a fairly relaxed day – I got a bit more editing done on my book draft (so nearly there now!) and have been looking into online resources to help with sobriety and mental health (I mentioned this in my two-month sobriety update yesterday).

Now looking forward to a chilled-out evening of reading before the usual hectic Thursday tomorrow.

OOTD 6th March 2019
OOTD: sunshine and showers today! Scarf MyScarf (2019), hoodie Sonar (2006), t-shirt H&M (2018), skirt Dark Star (2004), tights unknown brand (2010), shoes Office (2018).

Today’s earworm playlist:

Ava Max – Sweet But Psycho
Duran Duran – Hold Back The Rain
The Power Station – Communication
Duran Duran – A View To A Kill

Video edit

Back to the editing today – mostly for clients, but I’ve also had time to do a bit of my own work as well. I really can see the end in sight now for this book draft!

I also got our DVD shelves tidied up and have identified a few to sell through Music Magpie, which is a fairly minor house job but still the first house job I’ve managed to get done in months and months.

Looking forward to getting some reading done this evening.

OOTD 4th March 2019
OOTD: blue Monday. Scarf unknown brand (vintage 1970s/1980s, thrifted from Anne out of Granny Bessie’s collection 1995), top Gildan for Infest (2015), skirt Primark (2018), tights Primark (2017), shoes Zara (2018).

Today’s earworm playlist:

The Bangles – Hazy Shade Of Winter
Duran Duran – Girls On Film
Billie Eilish – Bury A Friend
Calvin Harris and Rag ‘N’ Bone Man – Giant
Kaiser Chiefs – Oh My God
Mabel – Don’t Call Me Up
Duran Duran – A View To A Kill
Duran Duran – Burning The Ground
The Prodigy – Out Of Space*
Iggy Pop – Lust For Life

*RIP Keith Flint. Really sad about this one! I was lucky enough to see the Prodigy twice, once at T in the Park 2005 and once at M’era Luna 2009. Amazing shows – the way they always got the crowd involved was incredible.

Spring is in the air

A bit out of sorts today as my editing for clients took longer than expected and so I couldn’t finish off my own editing. I really had hoped to get the editing and pitching of this book done this week, because I didn’t want it to drag on into March, but it can’t be helped – the day job takes priority.

I’m really looking forward to a quiet weekend after a hectic few weeks.

OOTD 1st March 2019
OOTD: flashes of red for St David’s Day. Jumper Faber (vintage 1980s, bought at vintage fair 2018), jeans H&M (thrifted from Steff 2016), boots Irregular Choice (2012).

Today’s earworm playlist:

The Housemartins – Build
Duran Duran – Girls On Film
Charli XCX and Troye Sivan – 1999
Duran Duran – New Moon On Monday
Barry Manilow – Copacabana
T.Rex – Metal Guru
Cher – Believe

And a bonus track that Geth was humming earlier:

Beastie Boys – Intergalactic