parkrunday: Town Moor #544

It’s been a while since my last trip round the Moor! But it’s so familiar it felt like I’d never been away this morning.

I was in my new-ish (tried them out on a one-miler and a two-miler the last couple of weeks) tempo shoes (Saucony Endorphin Speed). I’ve never used tempo shoes before these, only super-cushioned stability shoes. They took two minutes off my time. I had set a new post-pandemic PB of 34:13 at Tøyen a fortnight ago; I ran Town Moor in 32:20 today. The magic is real.

I wouldn’t wear them for long runs, I don’t think, as they’re not built for comfort. But they’re going to be great for intervals and so on when I get back into those.

Geth managed to lose his barcode in the finish funnel this morning. Some kind soul handed it in to the team so we (or I at least) will be back in a fortnight’s time to collect it!

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