Phone Box Thursday: Land’s End Lookout, Land’s End

One last phone box photo sent by Bill and Fiona in February.

Red phone boxes
Red phone boxes, Land’s End Lookout, Land’s End, 20th February 2020.

(Coordinates 50°06’57.5″N, 5°71’32.5″W.)

I think the Street View image linked above must be fairly old, as the building has changed quite a lot since then! The phone boxes are still in very good condition, though, as is often the case with phone boxes at tourist attractions – they tend to be kept in a fairly museum-worthy state.

Land’s End is an appropriate location for these photos, because at the time of writing, this is the last red phone box photo in my collection – I’ve shown you everything I have. However, Mum and Dad are finally able to visit their holiday caravan again, so I’m hoping they will find me some more phone boxes in rural Scotland soon!

In the meantime, Phone Box Thursday will continue, though it will take a different form for a while…

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