Small steps for the house

Back to the recovery runs this morning…

…and then I spent the afternoon doing admin and house stuff. Have ordered the new dishwasher – something I’ve been wanting for a while as it will free up the time Geth has to spend on the dishes (the kitchen is his job). I’ve also got a picture up on the living room wall. Just one, but it’s a start…

As I mentioned last week when we got a few mirrors up in the downstairs bathroom, getting things on the walls is making me realise how beige the whole place is. I think a few pots of paint are going to be my next house purchase, so that I can gradually make the rooms look a bit brighter!

Busy day tomorrow, and then another big running weekend.

Butterfly picture
I am very keen for this boring magnolia wall to turn some kind of nice pale aquamarine sometime soon.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Justin Bieber – ‘Love Yourself’

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