Phone Box Thursday: A971, Bixter

(Or perhaps ‘Phone Boxing Day’? Yes? Yes? No?)

This is another phone box from Shetland that Mum and Dad found while they were out for a drive this summer.

Red phone box
Red phone box, A971, Bixter, 7th August 2019.

(Coordinates 60°25’32.3″N, 1°40’24.3″W.)

It’s interesting to compare the Google Street View image (which is probably about a decade old – the Google cars don’t visit rural Scotland very often!) with the photo from this summer. The paint on the phone box needs a touch-up, and the nearby bench has been painted red and moved to sit next to the phone box.

What’s even more interesting, however, is comparing both images with this photo from the family archives, taken in July 1991:

Bixter Post Office, 1991
Here’s Mum dragging a four-year-old Malcolm into Bixter Post Office. That bench was around back then too!

The phone box was a lot more well-kept twenty-eight years ago. I suppose it was probably seeing a lot more use!

To round off this Phone Boxing Day post, Anne recently sent me a link to a nice Christmas update about the Rainford phone box she’d photographed for me earlier this year:

I have so many more phone boxes to share with you all in 2020. Thanks for following along so far!

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