Phone Box Thursday: B869, Clachtoll

Time to start logging the family phone box contributions from this year! Anne sent me a snap of this phone box that was shown on TV back in the spring.

Red phone box
Red phone box, B869, Clachtoll, on TV 12 June 2019.

(Coordinates 58°20’23.4″N, 5°33’82.3″W.)

The Google Street View image above, from 2011, shows the phone box in a state of disrepair with its door missing. It seems to have been replaced by the time of shooting the TV programme (at least, I hope the Google image predates the filming!). There’s also a picture online of the box in its spruced-up state.

The phone box is actually in Stoer rather than Clachtoll (Stoer is the next village up), so I’m guessing the Clachtoll residents had to go for a bit of a walk back in the day!

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