2019 Pizzas #1: Domino’s Veg-A-Roma

Obviously, I’m not logging ciders this year.

I’m logging pizzas instead. I love pizza! I spend far too many of my syns on it.

My first pizza of the year, as I expected, was a Domino’s Veg-A-Roma on the evening of my birthday. I always have this one when Geth and I order Domino’s.

I had exactly the same pizza last night as well. Unfortunately, on both occasions I was SO HUNGRY OMG that I forgot to take a picture of the pizza, so you’ll have to make do with the empty boxes instead! (You can see what an unaltered Veg-A-Roma looks like on the Domino’s website IF your local Domino’s happens to offer it – some branches don’t, including the one local to Mum and Dad, where I have to have a different pizza instead. I’ll update this post if I ever remember to take a picture.)

Domino's pizza boxes
These are a familiar sight in our kitchen, even with me on Slimming World, as I am totally okay with regularly saving the 60 syns I need for a Domino’s!
Domino's Veg-A-Roma
Update: it took me until my eleventh Domino’s order of the year to remember to take a picture!

I typically make a few changes to the standard Veg-A-Roma – I have reduced fat cheese on it instead of regular (I’ve no idea whether this reduces the syn value, so I count the normal amount of syns just to be on the safe side), which still tastes nearly as good. I also swap the mushrooms for olives, because in recent years I’ve really grown to like olives! I wasn’t keen on them for most of my life.

It’s lovely and I’ll never get bored of it. This is a good thing given that we have Domino’s so often!

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