2019 Pizzas #9: Goodfellas Pizza Romano Chargrilled Vegetable & Pesto

This is another oven pizza I had last week. I’ve been falling into the habit of oven pizzas again recently because they’re nice and easy to cook when I’m tired from a long run. It’s a habit I will need to get rid of as soon as I’ve done the London Marathon and I’m no longer doing very long runs all the time!

Goodfellas Pizza Romano Chargrilled Vegetable & Pesto
Goodfellas Pizza Romano Chargrilled Vegetable & Pesto.

This one has a great base (not too crispy) and a great sauce – it’s a really solid Mediterranean vegetable pizza. Definitely one to have again.

2019 Pizzas #8: Dr Oetker Ristorante Mozzarella

I treated myself to this oven pizza on Thursday night, because Geth was out boardgaming and I wanted something quick to bung in the oven when I got back from Pilates.

Dr Oetker Ristorante Mozzarella
Dr Oetker Ristorante Mozzarella.

This pizza should not be confused with the Dr Oetker Ristorante Margherita, which also has mozzarella, tomatoes, and herbs on, but differently. I’m not sure if they still make the Margherita as I’ve not seen it for a while.

Anyway, Dr Oetker Ristorante pizzas have been my absolute go-to for oven pizza for a good decade or so. Geth usually has the Speciale for meat ‘n’ mushroom purposes, and I tend to favour the Mozzarella (they did use to do a nice spicy veg option called the Vegetale but it seems to have been discontinued now). It’s not quite the Italian restaurant pizza experience claimed by the TV adverts, but it’s still the king of oven pizzas.

2019 Pizzas #6: Jurys Inn The Kitchen Vegetarian Feast

This is a pizza that was on the menu at the restaurant at the Jurys Inn where Geth and I stayed in Inverness for the half marathon last week. We ended up eating at the restaurant all three nights, because it was a bit far to trek into town when we needed to save our racing legs.

Jury's Inn The Kitchen Vegetarian Feast
Jury’s Inn The Kitchen Vegetarian Feast.

This pizza was the perfect size (especially for pre-race carb loading!), with lots of veg and a really tasty sauce. It was so good I had it three times, which may explain some of my appallingly vast weight gain this last week!

2019 Pizzas #5: Morrisons Sourdough Mozzarella, Tomato & Pesto

My first oven pizza of the year! I don’t usually have them as I try to cook healthy and SW-friendly when I’m at home. When I was visiting the in-laws at the weekend, though, I needed something quick that I could just bung in the oven for lunch.

Morrisons Sourdough Mozzarella, Tomato & Pesto
Morrisons Sourdough Mozzarella, Tomato & Pesto.

The toppings on this one were really tasty – far nicer than most oven pizzas, which can be a bit cardboard-tasting. The base was too tough and chewy for me, though, and it was hard to get my teeth through it.

I’d have it again, but I might try cooking it for a shorter time.

2019 Pizzas #4: Fratello’s Margherita

I had this pizza on Sunday night while out for a meal with the family to celebrate Dad’s birthday.

Fratello's Margherita
Fratello’s Margherita.

Those cherry tomatoes on top were gorgeous, and the base was really nice, but the sauce was a bit bland. Still a solid restaurant pizza, and one I’m sure I’ll have a few times this year due to the fact that we visit that restaurant quite often!

2019 Pizzas #3: Livin’ Italy Margherita

As I mentioned on Sunday, Geth and I found a new favourite Leeds restaurant when we were in town for the Tears For Fears gig on Saturday night. Livin’ Italy Dough House specialises in pizza and cocktails. While my cocktail days are obviously over, I was super excited about the pizza!

However, a spanner was thrown in the works when we had bruschetta for starter. The Livin’ Italy bruschetta is the greatest, most incredible bruschetta I have ever had, and so anything less than a truly special pizza would have paled in comparison. Unfortunately, the pizza that followed was not quite special enough.

Livin' Italy Margherita
Livin’ Italy Margherita.

Don’t get me wrong. It was really well-made pizza – the kitchen took absolutely ages making the food, which is a sign of a good restaurant (but unfortunately a little anxiety-inducing when you’ve got a show to get to!), and it’s probably the closest thing I’ve found in the UK to actual Italian restaurant pizza, and it did taste really nice – but the base was a little bit dry and crispy for my taste, and they were a bit stingy with the toppings.

I’ll still have a slice next time I’m there, but I’ll be topping and tailing it with bruschetta and gelato (we didn’t have time for gelato on this occasion, and I’m desperate to try it ’cause it looks really good!).

2019 Pizzas #2: San Lorenzo Margherita con Bufala

As I’ve mentioned before, Geth and I went to a new (to us) Italian restaurant, San Lorenzo, on Sunday night. New Italian restaurant equals new pizza to try! There were various veggie options on the menu, but I went for a Margherita con Bufala.

San Lorenzo Margherita con Bufala
San Lorenzo Margherita con Bufala.

They also had a regular Margherita on the menu, but this one was advertised as having buffalo mozzarella in addition, so obviously I went for it. I love buffalo mozzarella. Unfortunately, the chef was a bit stingy with said buffalo mozzarella (this was a bit of a theme, as the caprese salad I had for a starter had barely any mozzarella on it as well) and so you couldn’t really taste any difference in the cheese, which was a bit disappointing.

The tomato pizza sauce was absolutely delicious, though!

Overall an okay restaurant pizza, but I think I’ll be trying a pasta dish next time I go there.

2019 Pizzas #1: Domino’s Veg-A-Roma

Obviously, I’m not logging ciders this year.

I’m logging pizzas instead. I love pizza! I spend far too many of my syns on it.

My first pizza of the year, as I expected, was a Domino’s Veg-A-Roma on the evening of my birthday. I always have this one when Geth and I order Domino’s.

I had exactly the same pizza last night as well. Unfortunately, on both occasions I was SO HUNGRY OMG that I forgot to take a picture of the pizza, so you’ll have to make do with the empty boxes instead! (You can see what an unaltered Veg-A-Roma looks like on the Domino’s website IF your local Domino’s happens to offer it – some branches don’t, including the one local to Mum and Dad, where I have to have a different pizza instead. I’ll update this post if I ever remember to take a picture.)

Domino's pizza boxes
These are a familiar sight in our kitchen, even with me on Slimming World, as I am totally okay with regularly saving the 60 syns I need for a Domino’s!

I typically make a few changes to the standard Veg-A-Roma – I have reduced fat cheese on it instead of regular (I’ve no idea whether this reduces the syn value, so I count the normal amount of syns just to be on the safe side), which still tastes nearly as good. I also swap the mushrooms for olives, because in recent years I’ve really grown to like olives! I wasn’t keen on them for most of my life.

It’s lovely and I’ll never get bored of it. This is a good thing given that we have Domino’s so often!