Latest house stage done!

After a busy week working on the house, I finally had it ready for visitors staying by the time Geth’s family – Anne, Heulwen and Laura – arrived last night.  I’ve got a good sense of what the next stage is, but for the next couple of weeks I’ll be taking a break from the house project and doing other things!

After a good catch-up with the in-laws last night, Geth and I dragged ourselves out of bed to go to parkrun this morning.  I was expecting to have to take it easy after the GNR last week (not to mention the amount of dust I’ve been dealing with this week, which has given me a nasty cough and apparently turned the insides of my lungs black – super goth), but when I got going I found I had boundless energy and ended up with a PB!  Official time was 30:25, but everyone’s official time seems to be six to eight seconds slower than their watch time today, so maybe there was an issue with the results.  Either way, I’m edging ever closer to that sub-30, and I’m hoping to be able to go for it next week.

I’m having a quiet couple of hours to myself at the moment while Geth and the family are in town shopping – later on we’ll be heading to our friend Matthias’ birthday drinks for a while before coming back home for tea.  A nice relaxed Saturday!

OOTD catchup tomorrow when I sort my photos out!

Today’s earworm playlist:

Taylor Dayne – Tell It To My Heart
Jermaine Stewart – We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off
New Order – Temptation
Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill
The Human League – The Lebanon
Duran Duran – Rio

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