A working Sunday

I’d normally get a bit grumpy about working on a Sunday, but it’s been really nice to have a day with absolutely nothing else going on so that I can just get on with things and get loads of it done.  Some really interesting stuff from my various clients at the moment as well!

It’s also been nicely soundtracked by Geth continuing to work on the wedding disco playlist for Lisa and Kieran’s wedding.  I’ve only been distracted from work by needing to get up and dance…three or four times.  I’m doing well.

Looking forward to an early night tonight so that I can get up and start work early again tomorrow.  I’m so exciting these days.

OOTD 5th August 2018
OOTD: still in the house, still comfy. Jacket unknown brand (bought at vintage shop 2003, estimated 1990s – also mentioned here), dress Oodji (2018), shoes BHS (2016).

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