Phone Box Thursday: George Street, Edinburgh

Every time (it feels like) I pass these phone boxes, it’s when Geth and I are rushing from the bus to the train.  On this occasion, it was absolutely pouring, meaning that Geth was extra-especially grumpy about having to stop for me to take pictures of phone boxes.

Red phone boxes
Red phone boxes, George Street, Edinburgh, 18th May 2015.

(Coordinates 55°95’39.5″N, 3°19’44.8″W.)

I was pretty happy about it, though, because this particular date is an important date in the story of one of the novel series I’m writing, and I always envisaged it as being rainy in Edinburgh on that day.  Given how often it rains in Edinburgh, though, I don’t think that notion was particularly prophetic.  It feels like there’s a 70% chance of rain at any point, even when it’s been bright blue skies for days.  You can never be too careful.

Update 22nd July 2021: still there and looking summery!

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