Another packing update

Six days till moving day!  And we still have a lot to pack.  And I have a lot of work getting in the way this week, grgh.

Geth did the bulk of the kitchen stuff today, and I was on track to get all of the living room ornaments done…until I ran out of bubble wrap.  We have no time to go into town to get more, so we’ll be buying a lot of newspapers over the next few days.

It doesn’t feel real yet that in two weeks time we’ll have finished the move and will no longer be living here.  We’ve been in this house for three years exactly – longer than any place since our flat in Edinburgh where we lived for nearly four years – and it’s been a lovely, spacious place to live, even if it’s never exactly felt finished.  This is largely because I’ve been a terrible procrastinator in terms of a) putting stuff up on the walls and b) unpacking all the boxes of my stuff that I’ve had my parents bring down from Edinburgh in order to give them some more space.  This is a habit I’m going to be very strict about changing when we’re in the new place, because we’re going to be there for the rest of however long we end up living in Newcastle (I hate moving.  I may have mentioned this once or twice) and I want it to look nice.  It’s probably going to be an ongoing project (an expensive ongoing project) but I’m fed up of living among boxes of stuff, so this year I at least want to find a place for everything I’m keeping and get rid of the stuff I’m not.

The last part will be easier said than done.  Hoarding tendencies are a bitch.

A day off

After a stressful few weeks where Geth and I were anxiously waiting to find out when we could complete the purchase of our new house, we finally got a completion date on Thursday, and after a tough week at work, I thought it’d be nice to spend today relaxing before the chaos of the next week, which is going to involve packing up the rest of our stuff prior to moving day next weekend.  As such, I skipped parkrun this morning and had a nice lie-in and a bath instead (I had asked Geth to get me some bubble bath specially – the best that Sainsburys had to offer was Radox, but that’s still so much better than the hotel freebies I’d been using before!), then spent the afternoon chilling out with my favourite blogs and my Duran Duran playlist.  I feel so much better for it, too.  Back to the grind tomorrow…

Phone Box Thursday: George Street, Edinburgh

Every time (it feels like) I pass these phone boxes, it’s when Geth and I are rushing from the bus to the train.  On this occasion, it was absolutely pouring, meaning that Geth was extra-especially grumpy about having to stop for me to take pictures of phone boxes.

Red phone boxes
Red phone boxes, George Street, Edinburgh, 18th May 2015.

I was pretty happy about it, though, because this particular date is an important date in the story of one of the novel series I’m writing, and I always envisaged it as being rainy in Edinburgh on that day.  Given how often it rains in Edinburgh, though, I don’t think that notion was particularly prophetic.  It feels like there’s a 70% chance of rain at any point, even when it’s been bright blue skies for days.  You can never be too careful.

Recipe Wednesday: potato ‘n’ carrot pasta

It’s still emphatically winter (I was too busy with work to leave the house today, but Geth informs me that it was snowing again) and so I thought I’d start my weekly food series with my most stodgy, wintry pasta dish.

Potato 'n' carrot pasta
It’s stodgy, ridiculously carb-heavy, and one of my favourites, especially at this time of year.

I’m a lazy cook, so like everything I make, it’s ridiculously easy.  Boil chopped peeled potatoes, chopped carrots and chickpeas for 25 mins (no measuring free foods on Slimming World – I just make sure that the carrots constitute a third of the total food I’m eating); with 15 mins to go, start boiling some pasta in another pan.

While everything is boiling, I make up my pasta sauce (passata, tomato puree to thicken it up, lemon juice, freshly ground black pepper, dried basil, dried oregano, hot chili powder and the lifesaver that is Very Lazy chopped garlic, all to taste) and grate some parmesan (30g for me as my Slimming World Healthy Extra A, lots for Geth).

Once the 25 mins are up, I drain everything, mix it all together, mix in the sauce, and serve with the grated parmesan.  Highly comforting on winter evenings!

Vintage fair haul: Vintage Pop-Up at Newcastle SU

Well, I did say February was going to be big for vintage fairs.  Averaging two a week at the moment!

Today I went to the Vintage Pop-Up at Newcastle Student Union, put on by University Vintage Fairs.  Like the one at Northumbria I went to last week, it was quite a small affair, but I managed to pick up another addition to my ’80s jumper collection:

Black and red '80s jumper
I love the embellishment on this one, even if it does mean I’ll have to be a bit less lazy with the laundry and remember to turn it inside out!

Seeing as winter’s not showing any signs of going away yet, I’m going to count this one as a ‘sensible’ purchase!

Dancing progress

I went to my sixth Strictly Dance class this evening.  It took a few weeks, as expected, but I finally feel like I’m starting to get the hang of remembering the routines.  It’s not quite as taxing as Zumba in a cardio sense, though, so I definitely need to get back to running this weekend!

Vintage fair haul: Newcastle Does Vintage

Another weekend, another vintage fair!  Today I went to the Biscuit Factory, Newcastle, for the fair put on by Britain Does Vintage, and added a few more pieces to my collection…

Vintage fair purchases
Today’s additions to The Shiny.

From left to right, the black material is a wool-blend bolero jacket, the silver floral material is a dress, and the shiny matching things are clip-on earrings.  Very pleased with today’s haul!

2018 Ciders #8: Old Mout Kiwi & Lime

Another cider I had a week ago:

Old Mout Kiwi & Lime
Old Mout Kiwi & Lime.

Old Mout Kiwi & Lime is one of my favourite fruit ciders.  It sort of suddenly appeared in British pubs around the summer of 2014 and has been ubiquitous ever since; for me, it’s my go-to ‘we only have fifteen minutes left in this pub but I want another pint’ drink, as it’s just the right level of sugary-sweet (not cloyingly so like Kopparberg or Rekorderlig) that I can down it like juice.  I like the other Old Mout flavours as well, but Kiwi & Lime is my favourite by a country mile.