Another packing update

Six days till moving day!  And we still have a lot to pack.  And I have a lot of work getting in the way this week, grgh.

Geth did the bulk of the kitchen stuff today, and I was on track to get all of the living room ornaments done…until I ran out of bubble wrap.  We have no time to go into town to get more, so we’ll be buying a lot of newspapers over the next few days.

It doesn’t feel real yet that in two weeks time we’ll have finished the move and will no longer be living here.  We’ve been in this house for three years exactly – longer than any place since our flat in Edinburgh where we lived for nearly four years – and it’s been a lovely, spacious place to live, even if it’s never exactly felt finished.  This is largely because I’ve been a terrible procrastinator in terms of a) putting stuff up on the walls and b) unpacking all the boxes of my stuff that I’ve had my parents bring down from Edinburgh in order to give them some more space.  This is a habit I’m going to be very strict about changing when we’re in the new place, because we’re going to be there for the rest of however long we end up living in Newcastle (I hate moving.  I may have mentioned this once or twice) and I want it to look nice.  It’s probably going to be an ongoing project (an expensive ongoing project) but I’m fed up of living among boxes of stuff, so this year I at least want to find a place for everything I’m keeping and get rid of the stuff I’m not.

The last part will be easier said than done.  Hoarding tendencies are a bitch.

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