What season is it anyway?

June is usually the only month in which I am ever happy and excited about it being summer. By July, I’m starting to get fed up, and by August I’m totally over it and impatiently waiting for autumn, which is my favourite season.

It’s not that I don’t like summer weather. I love what summer weather is supposed to be – I just don’t like British summer weather. It’s as unpredictable as the rest of the year (in fact, I’m pretty sure it rains more often in the summer months) and is often downright chilly (this week it’s averaging around 10°C in Newcastle). Despite this, because it is technically summer, you’re expected to do things like plan outdoor activities (such as music festivals where you watch bands in the rain and wind, and barbeques where you eat sausages in the rain and wind, and weddings where you shiver underneath a big gazebo in your thin summer dress while the rain and wind blows in sideways and upsets all the paper plates for the buffet…you get the picture), and you’re not allowed to have the heating on, and you’re supposed to wear lightweight summer clothes. Because it’s summer. Technically.

Eleven days in, and I’m already done with it. I’m wearing boots, and long-sleeved dresses, and all the other things that aren’t supposed to come out again until September. I also have the fire on. I don’t care anymore – I’m nice and warm, and that’s all that matters.

Plus, spending the day being nice and warm indoors has meant that I’ve been really productive and have got all my scheduled work, admin, housework, and writing tasks done for the day. Same again tomorrow I hope!

OOTD 11th June 2019
OOTD: I know the ‘autumn flash’ is soooo autumn 2018, but the papers haven’t said anything about autumn 2019 yet and besides I expect I’ll be mostly rocking autumn 1985 anyway. Dress unknown brand (vintage 1980s, bought at vintage fair 2018), belt H&M (2017), boots Primark (2017).

Today’s earworm playlist:

The Drifters – Under The Boardwalk
Charlie Puth – One Call Away
Elton John – Crocodile Rock
David Bowie – Golden Years
Queen – One Vision
The Crüxshadows – Winter Born (This Sacrifice)
Queen – You’re My Best Friend
The Midnight – Los Angeles

London Marathon 2019!

I’ve been making an effort to get back to running again – I went out for a short run last Tuesday and then to parkrun yesterday – because race season is starting again soon (my first race is the Sunderland 10k on 13th May) and I need to get training.  It’s generally been a bad winter for my running, partly because of the crappy weather, but mainly because the move has taken up all of my mental energy, and when I’ve got a big thing like that going on, exercise does tend to take a back seat, unfortunately.

I can’t let it slide next winter, though, because in April 2019 I’m running the London Marathon – my first (and probably last) marathon!

I was lucky enough to get a ballot place for London Marathon 2018, but with the move there was no way training would have ever happened this year.  Thankfully, the London Marathon organisers give you one opportunity to defer your ballot place for a year, so I’ve opted to do that, and will be running in 2019 instead.  It also gives me an extra year to prepare and get fitter before the event.

I’ve run three half marathons (and will have run five by the time I do London), but everyone says the full marathon is a very different beast, so I’m going to have to be absolutely religious with my training.  I’m hoping for a really good season this year (no injuries would be nice!) to give me a good base for the winter.

I’m also hoping we’ve seen the last of the cold and wet.  Let’s just have spring and its associated good running weather now, please weather gods!