Less moving, more eating… or is it the other way round?

My usual mile and a bit this morning…

…which was a good opportunity for a bit of a daydream.

I definitely needed this break from longer running, but the drop in my exercise levels (combined with my increased appetite due to the cold weather) is not helpful in terms of maintaining my weight! I need to be fairly strict with myself over the next month and not eat too many sweet Christmas treats. Or at least limit them to a replacement breakfast or lunch once in a while.

Today has been a nice relaxed day of getting on with my work, writing and admin with some Christmas cookery shows in the background. I’m hoping that this will be the case most days for the rest of the year.

Scented candle
I picked up this seasonal scented candle at the supermarket on Sunday – I expect I’ll need a few more in the run-up to Christmas!

Today’s earworm playlist:

Lana Del Rey – ‘Video Games’
Traditional – ‘Deck The Halls’


Just a mile (point two) today…

…and I can’t say I’m that enthused about my well-worn route at the moment, but it’s nice to get out for some fresh air every morning.

Not being able to plan things is getting to me a bit at the moment. Obviously Christmas is the most immediate example, but I also feel a bit empty due to sitting here in my house with a giant stack of rescheduled gig tickets and race entries for next year and not knowing whether they’re actually going to happen or if they’ll all be postponed… again. I know people are making a lot of positive noises about vaccines but I’m finding it hard to believe that it will be possible for life to get back to normal next year. The whole situation just feels endless right now.

I’m trying to find small positives day to day, and I’ve got no shortage of hobbies and distractions. It’s just getting a bit hard now that it’s been so long.

I had a really busy afternoon today with day job work and writing. Looking forward to a slightly more relaxed day tomorrow!

Scented candle
‘Tis the season for scented candles. I’m on my last one, though, so I need to pick up some more.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Lady Gaga – ‘The Edge Of Glory’
Walk The Moon – ‘Shut Up And Dance’