2018 Ciders #55: Sheppy’s Original Cloudy Cider

This is another one that Dad brought me from the south-west.

Sheppy's Original Cloudy Cider
Sheppy’s Original Cloudy Cider.

This has a lovely comforting warm sweet taste, and is my favourite out of all the Sheppy’s ciders I’ve tried.  When Mum and Dad went back to the south-west a couple of weeks ago, they asked if there was a particular variety I wanted, and this is the one I chose!  I’ve not checked yet if they managed to find it, but I hope they did ’cause it would make a lovely Christmas drink this winter.

2018 Ciders #54: South West Orchards

This is one I tried in the bar of the Jesmond Dene House hotel when my in-laws were staying there.  I’ve also since had it at another bar in central Newcastle.

South West Orchards is lovely and sweet, but there’s definitely a southwest ‘farm’ taste about it, which gives it a sharper edge.  Very nice though!

2018 Ciders #53: Harleston Cideroad

(This post did try to call itself ‘1989’.  Tempted as I was to leave it, my need for my cider series to be organised properly is greater.)

This was a cider that I tried last month when the Free Trade Inn in central Newcastle had it on draught.

It wouldn’t be a British summer without one independent real cider!  It’s quite light-tasting for a rough, but it shows its true colours towards the end of the pint, when the taste gets stronger.  I presume this is due to the stuff that sinks!

You can see the proper logo on the Harleston website.

2018 Ciders #51: Symonds

Back in the UK for more ciders!


I arrived back home to find that our local pub had changed its regular draught cider from Stowford Press to Symonds, due to deals with manufacturers and stuff.  I am not very happy about this, because Stowford Press is one of my favourite ciders, and Symonds is…not.  It’s too dry for me, and I find it pretty tasteless.

What this means is that I’m tempted to start frequenting other local pubs instead.  Hopefully some of them will have some tastier ciders for me!


2018 Ciders #50: Waupoos Premium

It’s the last cider from Canada, and the fiftieth different cider I’ve drunk this year!  I had this one on the 23rd of July, so I suppose it’s possible I might get to a hundred different ones for 2018.  We’ll see!

Waupoos Premium
Waupoos Premium.

You can see the logo better on the official website.

Waupoos is a nice dry cider with a lovely strength to it.  I’d had this one the previous time we visited Toronto, in 2016, so it was nice to see it again!

2018 Ciders #48: Brickworks Stadium Island Peach

We’re still in Toronto with the Canadian ciders!  This is one I had in the hotel room.

Brickworks Stadium Island Peach
Brickworks Stadium Island Peach (on the right), pictured with a bonus can of Brickworks Parkside Cherry, which I did not get to sample – it will have to wait until next time I’m in Canada.

Stadium Island Peach was a surprise, as it’s much drier than you’d expect from a peach cider.  It was very nice though!