2018 Ciders #65: Smirnoff Mandarin & Pink Grapefruit

This is the last of the Smirnoff fruit ciders I tried recently.  As you can see, I was enjoying it so much I didn’t remember to take a picture of the bottle until after I’d finished!

Smirnoff Mandarin & Pink Grapefruit
Smirnoff Mandarin & Pink Grapefruit.

This flavour is really summery.  The fruit in it is really tasty and refreshing!  It’s probably my favourite out of the Smirnoff ciders.

2018 Ciders #63: Smirnoff Passionfruit & Lime

I’ve been trying out the Smirnoff fruit ciders recently.  This is the first of them!

Smirnoff Passionfruit & Lime
Smirnoff Passionfruit & Lime.

This cider is very sweet and a bit alcopop-tasting – it takes me right back to the sugary Hooches and Bacardi Breezers that I used to drink with friends circa 1999!  The taste does dry out a little as you get through the bottle.  Interesting, but not likely to become a favourite.

2018 Ciders #62: La Fauconnerie Cidre de Bretagne

When Mum and Dad go to France, they usually bring me back some Breton or Normandy cider.  It’s always much appreciated!

La Fauconnerie Cidre de Bretagne
La Fauconnerie Cidre de Bretagne.

I developed the taste for French cider on childhood family holidays, when we used to drink it out of cider bowls outside on the terrace at the gîte we were staying at.  It has a distinctive apply taste, with even the dry variety tasting quite sweet, and it takes me right back to the summer of 1995, when we spent many long weeks in Brittany.  I don’t have Breton cider very often, but it’s really nice as a treat.

2018 Ciders #61: Magners Pear

After getting my taste for Bulmers Pear in the pub in South Shields after the GNR, I went for Magners Pear in the next pub to continue the theme!

Magners Pear
Magners Pear.

Magners Pear is a bit sweeter than Bulmers Pear, but it’s still very nice and nowhere near cloying.  Another good option for pubs where I’m not keen on the draught offering.