Adventures in Coding: Remembering Other Parts Of The World

I’m reluctant to share too many details about the plot of my upcoming game, Marie, as I want it to be a surprise when people play it. However, I can say that it largely takes place in and around London. I used to visit London probably once or twice a year, but I’ve not been there during the pandemic and so my last visit would have been in 2019 (I was there in April 2019 for the London Marathon and November 2019 for the Andy Taylor gig). As such, I’ve been racking my brain a bit when describing what locations look like!

London, 2019
In London in April 2019, with the former Millennium Dome (now part of the O2) in the background. It may well appear in the game…

I’m planning to release a short teaser / extra scene from the game at some point in the next couple of weeks. The teaser is a result of my first fumbling experiments using PunyInform, which has been a bit of a learning curve as I’m so used to Adventuron. It’s been really fun to start learning that though.

Graphic work for the main game will be starting soon, so maybe I’ll have some early pictures to share with you before long…

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