A long and difficult run this morning…

…which meant I was a bit too wiped to do much else today, as is becoming typical on Sundays! I spent the afternoon doing a bit more work for my weekend client and watching the second day of the athletics on TV.

I’ve also eaten everything in sight since I got back from my run. I need to be a bit more careful with that as even a super-long run doesn’t provide quite enough spare calories for all the nice things I crave once I’m back home! Back to healthy meals for the next few days.

Salted caramel cupcake
Cake tastes amazing post-run. Well, not immediately post-run, as I need to stop feeling sick first, but a few hours later.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Tyler Lyle – ‘Lost And Found [The Midnight Remix]’
Koichi Sugiyama – ‘Unflinchable Courage’
Katy Perry – ‘Roar’

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