Inbetween days

I like to have a quiet day on the 2nd of January, in between the madness of New Year’s Day and my birthday. It’s nice to have the downtime, but I do always end up feeling a bit maudlin. The first half of my thirties has just flown by, and I imagine that if anything the second half will go quicker.

I went out for a quick gentle run this morning, something that will be a daily habit for the next while. It was nice to turn my legs over after yesterday’s exertions, and I feel a lot less sore of calf than I have been on days after parkruns recently.

I don’t really feel ready for my birthday, and I don’t really want midnight to come. It will, of course. It always does.

Out for a run
Sort of an OOTD: giving my new Lonely Goat top a run out.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Ludwig van Beethoven – ‘Ode To Joy’
Hans Zimmer – ‘This Land’
Rihanna – ‘Diamonds’

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