Titles are not my forte

Well, I’ve spent all weekend finalising my text adventure game for the Adventuron CaveJam, and it’s up online – just in the nick of time! If you like text adventures, you can play it here. The CaveJam ends at midnight tonight, but if you want to play about with making your own text adventures, Adventuron Classroom is really easy to learn.

(The game is called ‘The Cave of Hoarding’. As you’ll know if you read this blog every day, titles are far from my strong point.)

Tomorrow is going to be a day where I don’t have to use my brain!

The Ouseburn
Not an OOTD: I went out at lunchtime today to take a few last-minute photographs to help create the art for my game. I didn’t use this picture of the burn, but it’s very pretty.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Michael Land – The Cook
Michael Land – LeChuck’s Evil Stories
Michael Land – DeSinge’s Theme

(Yup, this is the outcome of constantly listening to Monkey Island soundtracks for two weeks to get me in the mood for coding. I expect Michael Land’s tunes will remain in my head for some time.)

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