Music Review: Whitesnake: Flesh And Blood

I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for Whitesnake, for three reasons:

  1. Their 1987 version of Here I Go Again was featured on Now! That’s What I Call Music #10, the greatest compilation of all time.
  2. Their ’80s videos are completely overblown and ridiculous, with the biggest hair and shoulder pads you have ever seen, and I absolutely love them.
  3. They’re from Middlesbrough, which I find endlessly hilarious. You won’t find anyone doing somersaults on the bonnets of Jaguars around there.

As such, I thought I’d give their latest collection of rock tunes a listen!

Whitesnake - Flesh And Blood

Good To See You Again

Great upbeat bit of hairmetal to start off with, with an awesome classic sound that reminds me why rock music doesn’t need to change. Ever. Love that guitar solo!

Gonna Be Alright

This one’s slower and has a little more of a ’90s sound about it. The backing vocals give it a really nice atmosphere.

Shut Up And Kiss Me

A good classic metal riff to kick this one off, and again I really like the effect of the backing vocals!

Hey You (You Make Me Rock)

Great rock guitar opening – this one’s very ’70s, a bit glam rock in many ways.

Always And Forever

A bit more slow and melodious – this one is unashamedly a love song. A bit cheesy for me lyrically, but I do like the ongoing ’70s-esque sound!

When I Think Of You (Colour Me Blue)

Another slower, slightly march-y track – a definite rock ballad, which is very classic Whitesnake!

Trouble Is Your Middle Name

Great blues-y, brooding atmosphere on this one, with a good shout-along chorus.

Flesh And Blood

The title track is one of the slower ones on this album, with a slight country rock tinge to it.

Well I Never

Another good stadium sing-along track, and I love the atmosphere on the verses.

Heart Of Stone

The guitar riff in this is beautiful and atmospheric! I think this one is my favourite track on the album.

Get Up

Back to the upbeat hairmetal for this one. Great chorus!

After All

A surprisingly acoustic-y interlude. Not usually my kind of thing, but it’s quite a pretty tune.

Sands Of Time

A nice atmospheric Eastern-tinged backing track and almost-goth vocals. I really like this one – great way to finish the album!

Overall this is a really nice and varied collection – very enjoyable.

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