Last week, at Slimming World weigh-in, I was half a pound away from my target weight.  So close!

I would kill to get to target at weigh-in tomorrow.  This weekend, there will be lots of delicious food opportunities, and Geth has been talking about them all week, and my mouth has been watering like mad.  If I get to target tomorrow, I know I can enjoy the weekend safe in the knowledge that I have the freedom to put on a couple of pounds, whereas if I don’t get to target tomorrow, I will have to spend another week trying really really hard, like I have been the last couple of weeks.  I’m starting to feel a bit deprived, and so I’m crossing everything that things will go my way.

Thing is, because I had a really big loss last week, I’ve been very nervous about maintaining or gaining back, as has happened a few times over the last month or so.

As such, after carb-loading for the EMF 10k on Saturday, I’ve done four SP days (all veg and protein, no carbs except for fibre-rich Healthy Extras) in a row.  I’ve made sure to get out for at least a walk every day.  I’ve stuck to under 80 syns for the week.  I made sure not to over-celebrate after the 10k and skipped out on the pub lunch Geth was having on Saturday.  In short, I’ve done everything I could under the circumstances – if I hadn’t had a race on, I suppose I could have done a complete SP week, but I find SP a struggle as I miss my pasta and I think a full week of it would have made me feel even grumpier!

If I gain or maintain tomorrow, I will be pretty upset, to tell you the truth.  But if it happens, I will just have to keep plugging on.  I am so determined to get to target now.

But it would be really nice if tomorrow I could have that doughnuts ‘n’ champagne celebratory lunch I’ve been fantasising about for sixteen months.

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