Catching up

It’s been a great week and a half seeing family, and I’m thrilled with all the new shelves we now have in the house courtesy of my dad (more pictures to come tomorrow!) but it’s meant I’ve not had much time to catch up on all my usual things like reading and TV and music, so I’ve spent most of today doing that kind of thing, which has been nice.

Back to running tomorrow morning, some more house stuff, and a bit more catching up.  It’s shaping up to be another productive week!

2018 Ciders #21: El Gaitero

Geth and I went to our favourite tapas restaurant with my parents last night, which meant an appropriately Spanish drink:

El Gaitero
El Gaitero.

The restaurant was dark and my camera flash was acting funny, hence the terrible photo, but that is Asturian cider!  I can’t pour it from three feet high in the air like the waiters do in Asturias, but I gave it a good go from six or seven inches so it could breathe a bit.  It’s not quite as good as the stuff you get in sidra land, but it was very tasty and went extremely well with my tortilla española.


We built the Ikea Kallax wall for the boardgame collection today!

Kallax boardgame storage
Boardgame storage extraordinaire!

I designed this mishmash of Ikea Kallax units to fit our dining area space a few weeks ago, and ordered the requisite Kallaxes in the big Ikea order.  I built the individual units over the last couple of days, and today my dad came and bolted them all together to make a nice solid structure.  It got a bit tricky, involving having to shave bits off where the wall width was uneven, but the finished result looks amazing (and Geth finally has access to the boardgames again, which will keep him very happy).

We also started building some shoe storage, but that’s mainly a project for tomorrow!

Phone Box Thursday: Waverley Bridge, Edinburgh

While visiting home for Burns Night in January 2016, I took a photo of the phone box outside Waverley train station, which was looking sad, neglected and stuck in the middle of a building site:

Red phone box
Red phone box, Waverley Bridge, Edinburgh, 25th January 2016.

I was a bit worried that the phone box wouldn’t be long for this world, as there seemed to be something new being built on the site.  But!  Lo and behold, the ‘something new’ turned out to be a Wetherspoon’s (isn’t it always?), and when I went in with Geth and my friend Sharpy for a pre-train pint in July of that year, guess what had taken pride of place in the beer garden?

Blue phone box
Blue phone box, Waverley Bridge, Edinburgh, 10th July 2016.

I really like the way that the Wetherspoon designers have made a lovely feature out of this phone box, showcasing the beers that you can buy in the pub.  Another way to maintain old unused phone boxes!

Back in the house

Time to get back to home improvement!

Geth and I have had a nice Easter break visiting the in-laws in Lancashire.  We’re now back home and ready for another visit from my parents, who will be arriving tomorrow to help with putting up shelves and taking the messy remains of my bloody wardrobe cull to the dump/charity shop.  Exciting!

2018 Ciders #20: Kingstone Press Classic Apple

I went for Easter lunch with the in-laws on Sunday, and so was able to enjoy a new cider alongside the pretty seasonal table display:

Kingstone Press Classic Apple
Kingstone Press Classic Apple.

This was a nice light cider, fairly medium dry.  Quite similar to Strongbow in taste and I wouldn’t be surprised to start seeing it in pubs more often.  Apparently they do other flavours as well, so I’ll have to look out for those!

2018 Ciders #19: Thistly Cross Real Ginger

There was a couple of years where Geth and I were having a lot of trouble tracking down Thistly Cross Real Ginger, which is our favourite of the Thistly Cross varieties.  They sell it at Tebay service station, but we only ever have cause to go there when we’re travelling with my parents (it’ll be a different story when we have our own car, but that hasn’t been the case up till now).  However, recently a new beer and cider shop opened at Newcastle Central train station, Centrale, which sells every single variety of Thistly Cross (among many other tasty, tasty things).  As such, I pick up a bottle every time I happen to be in the train station.

Thistly Cross Real Ginger
Thistly Cross Real Ginger.

I’ve always loved this one.  The ginger taste is really sharp and tangy, and it goes so well in a cider that I’m amazed I’ve not seen it by any other brand.   They’d have to work pretty hard to beat the Thistly Cross version though.  Probably in my top three ciders of all time.


Happy Easter!  I’ve had a great day, and am now in possession of so much chocolate that I’ll be eating it for weeks (got to eke out those Syns carefully).  I’ve also had some lovely ciders this weekend, so there’ll be a couple more cider posts in the next couple of days!