2018 Ciders #19: Thistly Cross Real Ginger

There was a couple of years where Geth and I were having a lot of trouble tracking down Thistly Cross Real Ginger, which is our favourite of the Thistly Cross varieties.  They sell it at Tebay service station, but we only ever have cause to go there when we’re travelling with my parents (it’ll be a different story when we have our own car, but that hasn’t been the case up till now).  However, recently a new beer and cider shop opened at Newcastle Central train station, Centrale, which sells every single variety of Thistly Cross (among many other tasty, tasty things).  As such, I pick up a bottle every time I happen to be in the train station.

Thistly Cross Real Ginger
Thistly Cross Real Ginger.

I’ve always loved this one.  The ginger taste is really sharp and tangy, and it goes so well in a cider that I’m amazed I’ve not seen it by any other brand.   They’d have to work pretty hard to beat the Thistly Cross version though.  Probably in my top three ciders of all time.

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