Back to it

Just a mile today…

…because I managed a fairly long run (well, long in terms of my recent efforts!) yesterday, which I was quite pleased with.

The weekend was really good. I spent most of it curled up on the sofa working on my latest game, with Geth playing Xenoblade Chronicles in the background. Today was more weekday-like though – I had a bit of day job work to do, and quite a lot of admin to catch up with. I’ve been neglecting the ‘coronawall’, which is basically a giant display of multicoloured lists pinned up on the living room wall, keeping track of all the stuff we were meant to be doing this year that got cancelled, and what’s happening with rescheduled dates and refunds and so on. After a bit of work this afternoon, it’s now up to date as far as the Great North Run, which was announced as cancelled this morning.

I still find it strange that back in early March I was still living my busy normal life, with races and parkruns and social running groups and family visits and gigs and boardgame meetups with friends and ukulele classes, and wondering why I never had time to get anything done, and then suddenly it all just… stopped. I find it even stranger that I still feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day!

I don’t really see my own life going back to the way it was, either, even if the world does eventually. The occasional event will be nice, but this year has proven to me that I need to spend the vast majority of my time at home, just me and Geth. The improvement in my mental health over the last three months has been absolutely immeasurable, despite the situational anxiety of COVID and everything else that’s happening.

Another nice productive day tomorrow, I hope.

Newcastle Town Moor
It was a bit misty over the weekend! The Town Moor always looks more beautiful and atmospheric in non-ideal weather, though.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Yoko Shimomura – ‘Colony 9’
Pet Shop Boys – ‘On Social Media’

Late starts and small achievements

I finally managed a slightly longer run today…

…which I’m really happy about! It was only three miles, but still. I really had to fight for the motivation this morning, and it could very easily have been yet another one-miler, so I’m going to take it as a win.

We didn’t end up driving to Geth’s office this morning, as we had a bit of a late start after his birthday yesterday. Geth says he has enough work to be getting on with as it is for the next week, so we’ll collect his books next Friday instead. I’m actually fairly glad we didn’t, as the roadworks near us are so bad today that they’re having a knock-on effect on the whole surrounding area. Hopefully the traffic will be slightly better this time next week.

I’ll be settling down to work on my game over the weekend, but will post my running vlogs (and possibly a few extras) as usual.

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition
Geth is happily esconced in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition. When he first played the original in late 2011, the soundtrack got me through my first NaNoWriMo; I’m hoping it will provide a similar creative atmosphere for my various projects this time round.

Today’s earworm playlist:

ACE+ – ‘Riki The Legendary Heropon’

Happy 40th Birthday Geth!

Just the usual mile today…

…but I really am hoping to manage a longer run tomorrow.

I woke up really late, presumably due to not having slept well on Monday and Tuesday nights. As such, it’s been a bit of a slow day – it’s also Geth’s 40th birthday today, so we had a Zoom meetup to celebrate. I got him the new Xenoblade Chronicles version as his main present, which should keep him fairly quiet for the next couple of months!

It’s a shame that his milestone birthday coincided with lockdown, but a lot of people are in the same boat this year, and you have to make the best of it. It’ll be nice to have gradual face-to-face celebrations with people when we do get to meet up.

Tomorrow we’ll be taking a trip to Geth’s office, as he needs to collect his books for continued working-from-home purposes. Other than that, I’m looking forward to settling in with my current game project again.

Birthday cake
Geth’s birthday cake. He wanted white chocolate, and this Sainsbury’s offering was perfect.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Hiroyuki Sawano and Gemie – ‘Ashes Suite’
Mabel – ‘God Is A Dancer’

One last day off

I just did another quick mile this morning…

…because Easter Sunday was so enjoyable that Geth and I are going to try and have a similar day today with lots of videogaming. As such, I just did a quick run so that I could get it out the way. Lots of interesting routes planned for the week ahead though!

I’m also having a day off before getting back to working on my various game projects tomorrow. Just getting a bit of daily admin done and then I’ll be settling down with my 3DS. It was a lot of fun yesterday playing Professor Layton and Fire Emblem games with the soundtrack of Final Fantasy VII in the background (as I mentioned yesterday, Geth is playing the original game again, and the music is fab!). However, I’m going to take a bit of a break from my ongoing games today and get into a new one, as I’ve fallen into a bit of a grinding hole with most of the ones I’m playing.

Back to the normal (well, pandemic-normal) routine tomorrow.

Final Fantasy VII
This is a lovely game to have in the background. Geth is playing it at a rate of knots, but hopefully it’ll last him for a while yet!

Today’s earworm playlist:

Nobuo Uematsu – ‘Mako Reactor’
Tomohito Nishiura – ‘City Of Miracles’
Cast of The Jungle Book – ‘I Wanna Be Like You (The Monkey Song)’
The Dubliners – ‘Rocky Road To Dublin’

Happy Easter!

Just a mile today…

…because I had chocolate eggs waiting for me for breakfast!

I’m having a very relaxed Easter Sunday. I released the final version of Goblin Decathlon (with added graphics) this morning, and am looking forward to moving onto my next game. Today, though, is all about chilling out – Geth is starting a new playthrough of the original version of Final Fantasy VII, as we won’t be getting the new remake until we decide on a next-generation console. I’m looking forward to having the FFVII music in the room – it’s probably one of my favourite game atmospheres of all time.

Wishing you all a peaceful day.

Easter chocolate
This little lot should keep us going for a while!

Today’s earworm playlist:

Takeru Kanazaki – ‘Life at Garreg Mach Monastery’
Tones & I – ‘Dance Monkey’

The wrong kind of time travel

A shorter run than planned today…

…because I really woke up on the wrong side of bed this morning. I always feel massively out of sorts when the clocks go forward, and I also didn’t feel well (nothing to do with colds or anything else that could be coronavirus, thankfully!). So a short run it was, and if it hadn’t been for keeping my RED (run every day) streak going, I probably wouldn’t have made it out the door (especially given that a blizzard started as soon as I stepped outside – what happened to the nice spring weather we’ve been having all week?). However, I did feel much better after my run. This is why I’m doing RED in the first place, and it’s working, which is especially important in the current situation.

Geth is still playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses, so I’ve been getting on with admin this afternoon, plus a bit more work on my text adventure game. I estimate that I’ve got about two more hours left to play on the Bravely Default II demo this evening, and then I’ll be focusing on my 3DS games again for a while.

Camp NaNoWriMo starts on Tuesday (it’s a secondary NaNo where you set your own goal – they run them every April and July), so I’m going to sign up to that and use it as motivation to get some more game creation and other writing done over the next month.

Star Wars coasters
Things I did during the pandemic: swapped some coasters around so that we’re not constantly trying to find the black coasters on the black table.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Kuana Torres Kahele, James Ford Murphy and Napua Greig-Nakasone – ‘Someone To Lava’
Ollie Wride – ‘Back To Life’
Mike Harding and Myfanwy Talog – ‘DangerMouse Main Theme’
Eddy Grant – ‘I Don’t Wanna Dance’
Toto – ‘Africa’

One of my old worlds

I did my second non-parkrun this morning…

…and since then I’ve had a very pleasant afternoon working on my new game, with Geth’s first playthrough of Fire Emblem: Three Houses in the background for entertainment. My game is based on the first idea I had for the most recent game jam – I didn’t have much time to work on my jam game last month, so chose a simpler game idea, but I knew I wanted to make the first one as well once I didn’t have any time constraints. It takes place in a fictional world that I originally invented in 2003 when I started working on my first adult full-length novel. I worked on the novel on and off for years before moving onto other projects, and so I never quite got it to a completed state, but I’m excited that I will finally get to share the story with the world via a few different releases (games and possibly some ebooks) that I will be putting out in the next couple of years.

I’ll also be doing a bit of gaming myself this evening. I’ve been really enjoying the Bravely Default II demo, and I’ve also still got a lot of games that I’m dipping in and out of on the 3DS. I find that, alongside running, it’s the best way of maintaining my mental health during these difficult times.

A similar day tomorrow, I hope 🙂

Fire Emblem: Three Houses
This is the new game Geth is playing after he finally finished Dragon Quest 11S the other day. I’m already appreciating the change in background music!

Today’s earworm playlist:

Spandau Ballet – ‘Gold’
Wiz Khalifa – ‘Black And Yellow’
Stereophonics – ‘Handbags And Gladrags’

And a bonus track that Geth was humming earlier:

Judas Priest – ‘Breaking The Law’

Another indoor week begins

Just a recovery mile this morning…

…and since then I’ve spent the afternoon doing work for clients. Geth ventured out to Sainsbury’s this morning and managed to get most of what we needed, so hopefully this is a sign that supermarket stocks might be starting to stabilise.

Yesterday evening we managed to get some boardgaming in (we didn’t play Pandemic, though it was tempting!), and this evening will be spent on my 3DS. While the ongoing situation is still incredibly dread-inducing and depressing, my increased quantity of me-time is most definitely a silver lining. I’ve been lucky enough to get a fair bit of work lined up for this week, which prevents things from feeling too aimless.

A similar day tomorrow, then, and I expect the rest of the week will be the same!

Dragon Quest 11S
Geth has been playing Dragon Quest 11S on the Switch since he got it as a Christmas present, so it’s been a feature of our environment for three months now. While it is a pleasant game to watch, I’m quite looking forward to him moving onto something else.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Russ Abbot – ‘Atmosphere’
Eddy Grant – ‘I Don’t Wanna Dance’

Gig excitement!

Another full day of working on my various coding projects today, but I’ll be putting them aside until Thursday afternoon now, as I’m off to London tomorrow for a gig. I’ll be seeing Andy Taylor (formerly of Duran Duran) at the 100 Club. Very excited! I’m not dragging Geth down to this one, but it sounds like there’ll be a good crowd of Duran fans attending the gig, so I won’t be on my own.

Now that we’re into the last few days of November, life looks like it will be fairly busy until January. I’m hoping I can still get a good chunk of work done on my creative projects during December though. Fingers crossed.

World Of Final Fantasy: Maxima
Not an OOTD: Geth is still providing soothing background music by way of playing World Of Final Fantasy: Maxima.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Bittersweet Machines – ‘Break Your Love Apart’
Cast of Oliver! – ‘Consider Yourself’
Tony Deans – ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’*
Duran Duran – ‘Ball Of Confusion’
Shakespear’s Sister – ‘Stay’

*This is a cracking mellow piano version. Thoroughly recommended!

Background inspiration

Geth has started playing a new videogame, which is always the best thing to happen when I’m in the middle of a creative project because (a) it keeps him quiet and (b) it provides the most productive background music for my working brain. The current game in question is World Of Final Fantasy: Maxima, which is doing an adequate job in the music department.

As such, I’ve been able to get a good chunk done on my NaNo today, despite a slow morning. Hoping to continue that pattern over the next few days.

BeebEm startup screen
Not an OOTD: and then there’s this particular obsession, which I’m also spending a lot of time learning at the moment…

Today’s earworm playlist:

I genuinely haven’t had anything in my own head today because we’ve had the aforementioned videogame on all day. However, here’s a bonus track that Geth was humming earlier:

All Saints – ‘Never Ever’