Mild jetlag

Early blog today as I’m awake early due to getting used to being up for a dawn run in Spain. Today’s train isn’t till closer to lunchtime so I thought I’d get a few things done first. I’m sure this early rising won’t last but I’ll make the most of it for now!

It’s been a peaceful few days but I’m looking forward to getting home.

Travel day

No parkrun today as I was (a) not in a parkrun country this morning and (b) in a taxi to catch a plane. Back in the UK now and back home tomorrow. Just need to get through the centre of London on this incredibly unusual and mad weekend and then we should be home free!

Should’ve learnt

Travelling again today.  It feels a bit rushed as we haven’t had time to recover from the race yesterday, but we couldn’t pick our dates for this one as we’re basing it around a work event for Geth.  I really do need to make sure I don’t book travel straight after a race in the future, though (unless it’s travelling home from the race), because I’m remembering now that I need a bit more time to change headspace.

I still need time to digest the GNR.  I’m hoping to be able to blog about it tomorrow or Wednesday.

Wanderings in southwest Scotland

We had a good wander today with Mum and Dad, visiting Torbridge Stone Circle, Druchtag Motte, St Ninian’s Cave and Isle of Whithorn. We even found a previously-unfound red phone box for my collection!

St Ninian's Cave
The cave was actually closed to visitors due to recent rockfall activity, but it was a nice walk. Photo (c) John Cooke 2022.

Lovely day for it and it looks like we might have good weather back at home as well. Heading back tomorrow.

Great start to the weekend

A really good 24 hours. I found out late last night that I’d come third in the most recent game competition I entered, I finally made it to the social run group I’d been meaning to join this morning and now I’m back in Dumfries and Galloway for some more running adventures here. Looking forward to the next few days!