A new week…

…and a much quieter one. Until the weekend, that is, when I’ll be out and about again 🙂

I’m enjoying some videogames I haven’t played for a while, and some old running routes from earlier in the year.

Eyes on July

Back in Newcastle – again! – after a weekend visiting the in-laws. For the next four days, I will be almost totally focused on finishing my game before the competition deadline on Thursday night. Next weekend will be extremely quiet – it’s been a very busy month and Geth and I will both be glad to collapse on the sofa with videogames, I think!

There’ll be a bit of dashing about in July as well (summer gonna summer) but on the whole it looks like things will be slightly quieter.

Monday, I think

Home on my sofa! For a little while until the next trip, anyway. Drove back to Newcastle today and am enjoying my home comforts again.

I have really enjoyed getting back to travelling though. Now thinking about where we could go in the future 🙂

Palace Park
A picture of my favourite part of Palace Park in Oslo, discovered while doing my run loops.

Oslo wanderings

I’ve spent quite a lot of the trip so far working indoors, but there have been a few nice walks as well. Here’s the waterfront, which is generally my favourite part of any city.

Oslo waterfront

More wandering tomorrow – the whole place is very pretty.

And pause… for now

I am in Oslo! Which is my fourth different place in four days. Time to stop travelling and enjoy being in (and running around) a new-to-me place.

It’s a working holiday so I won’t be doing much tourist stuff, but I’m looking forward to having a good mooch around when I can.

Dashing about!

Quick one today as I’ve been busy. Long drive, running in a different place yet again and lots of game testing feedback coming in. Excited to get some time to work on that later this week!

It’s an out-of-routine week as we’re travelling but there should be chance for a bit of downtime as well.


Flying visit to Dublin in both senses! We flew out yesterday morning, enjoyed a wonderful Duran Duran gig in the north of the city (review to come soon) and flew back this morning (a lot later than intended but let’s not dwell on that). It was really strange at first to be on a plane again after four years, but it felt normal again very quickly. I’m finding that with a lot of things.

With yesterday’s flight, my record streak of time spent without leaving the UK came to a welcome end. My new record is 1,418 days: I did not leave the UK between arriving into Edinburgh from Toronto on 25th July 2018 and leaving Newcastle for Dublin on 12th June 2022. I do not wish to break this record again. While home is far and away my favourite place, there are lots of far-flung things in the world that are worth poking my nose out for.

Duran day

Just a quick post this morning as I’m travelling today for a concert. Going to see Duran Duran again – a gig that was booked for 2020 originally and has been postponed twice. It’ll be lovely to go finally.

Quite a lot on this month but I’m focusing on one thing at a time as it’s a bit overwhelming otherwise!

Plans make everything better

Geth and I have got quite a lot happening over the summer, as I might have mentioned. Summers were always busy in the past but this is something I need to get used to again after a couple of quieter pandemic years. My natural ‘happy place’ is sitting on my sofa at home – going out and doing things is always lovely when I get there, but I find it quite difficult being out of my usual routine.

I do always feel better when things are planned out though. We’re doing a short trip this weekend and Geth has done the itinerary for it today, meaning I’m quite excited for it now (because I can visualise much better what I’ll be doing – and, importantly, where I’m running!).