Building stuff

Just a mile today…

…because I woke up late again. I need to set an alarm tomorrow as I’m falling behind with stuff a bit this week.

After my run, I spent pretty much the rest of the day building garden furniture. Geth ordered a set the other day and it arrived yesterday, so I put it all together this afternoon as we have guests (!) coming for lunch on Friday. It’s still meant to be very warm and dry by then, if a bit cloudy, so it’ll be nice to sit out in the fresh air.

No videogaming tonight as I have too much admin to catch up with. Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit easier time-wise… if I don’t sleep through that alarm.

Garden furniture
I really like this garden set. We also got a plastic cover for protecting it from the elements overnight (although next door’s cat has already sprayed on it… he really doesn’t like new-smelling furniture). Hopefully we’ll have a few more weeks of summer weather to enjoy sitting out.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Duran Duran – ‘Rio’
Ashford & Simpson – ‘Solid’

New shiny things

After a couple of days of dribs and drabs of small deliveries of house stuff, the big Ikea order arrived today!  Most of it (I’ve already assembled the replacement lamp) is still sitting in the middle of the living room, as there’s no space to assemble the units or put them in their eventual places yet.  And just when I thought I’d reclaimed that bit of living room floor.  Oh well.

I also finally finished the wardrobe cull.  It’s amazing how much stuff I realised I just didn’t like or want to wear, and in total I’ve probably got rid of about 75% of my clothes.  To be fair, I am now spending a lot of time online, fantasy shopping for replacements, but I’m trying to be good and only (mostly) buying things I actually need.

Now that the Ikea order is here, one thing I can do is start putting stuff into its proper storage boxes.  Hopefully I’ll have a properly functioning dressing room, at least, by the end of the week!

Tetris and other block puzzles

You know those games (physical or digital) where you have to get a ball from one end of the board/screen to the other by moving blocks around so you can slowly work the ball through the path?  I’m terrible at them.  It always takes me ages.

That’s how I’ve felt about working on the new house for most of the last week.

The current project is to get everything into its correct room, if not its correct place.  What this means is I’m just constantly moving boxes around, trying to clear paths for other things to be moved through, filling one room and then another in an attempt just to have some tiny space to manoeuvre stuff.  It’s really tiring, and I feel like I’m going round in circles.

A big part of the problem is that there’s so much stuff that doesn’t have a place yet.  We’re going to be building new wall shelves out of our old Ikea Billy bookshelves to house the DVDs, videogames and some of the books, and I’ve designed a wall of Ikea Kallax units for the boardgame collection.  As such, until these units are in place, our books, DVDs, videogames and boardgames have to stay in boxes, and there’s a lot of them.

I know, logically, I am making headway.  I’ve spent today making rows of all the boxes that go in different areas, so once Geth gets home tonight and helps me with a couple of heavy lifting jobs, I’ll be able to fill the study with all the Stuff That Goes In The Study (as opposed to the all-kinds-of-everything totally random stuff that was in there before) and use that as a dumping ground to help me sort out other rooms.  After that, over the next couple of days, I can move my magazine Kallax upstairs, then move all the boardgame boxes to the space where their Kallax storage is going to live, and that will mean there’s a bit more breathing room around the piles of boxes of books and DVDs that are currently having to stay in the living room.

The whole thing really is doing wonders for my hoarding habit though.  I can’t wait to start sorting through things properly and getting rid of stuff.

One step at a time.  It’s just frustrating when there are so many steps.

Yet another busy day spent home improving

I am that lucky girl who has the world’s best dad.

Today, between three of us (mostly Dad doing the work, with me playing assistant and Geth doing the heavy lifting) we got the master bedroom walls finalised, the other two bedrooms painted white, and the bed assembled.  This last bit was more difficult than expected, as the bed had lost a few fixings during its time in the last house (I thought I’d found them all while I was dissembling the thing in a rush on the morning of moving day, but we were missing a few); however, Dad found fixes for everything, and we now have a working bed that we’ll be able to sleep on again from tomorrow night.

The other two rooms, meanwhile, look so much better for a fresh coat of white paint, and I’m really looking forward to getting them set up with furniture and contents.  The unexplained smell that was hanging around upstairs has also disappeared since the paint went up, which is great, and the whole area just feels so much more welcoming and homely now.

Tomorrow’s job will be getting the furniture upstairs sorted.  I may even get round to sorting out some photos so you can see what I’m talking about!


Still working in the house, still excited and impatient to get everything sorted!

My mum and dad arrived today and so my dad and I were able to start working on the bedroom walls.  The master bedroom came with a giant wardrobe that I didn’t see us being able to move (although my dad has worked out how to split it into parts for moving in future), so I’d decided that we would just take down the existing shelves, Polyfilla the imperfections and touch up the magnolia paint in there for the time being.  Eventually I want to wallpaper that room, but that’s a long-term project.

Tomorrow we’re going to paint the other two rooms white (non-magnolia rooms!  I’m so excited!) and assemble the bed.  Every day is feeling like an important step at the moment.