More house stuff

I’ve been decluttering again today. Three large storage boxes of empty punch boards from boardgames (i.e. the cardboard sheets you punch the tokens out of). I’ve been keeping them for years because I’ve not been ready to let anything like that go. I’m getting better, slowly.

Doing a bit of a living room revamp this weekend – changing the TV setup and adapting some furniture. We’ll see how it works out but I’m looking forward to the results.

Turning into a ‘house stuff’ week

I’m rearranging furniture and organising things in the house again, and generally feeling a bit frustrated by the clutter. I’ve got rid of a lot via charity bags recently, but there’s still a long way to go!

I’ve worked through a lot of hoarding (and related) issues recently and am finding it a bit easier to let go of things, but it’s still quite a tough process. However, I’m determined to have a house that’s not 90% full of stuff I never use. Getting it to look nice is the step after that!

Evening mode

Bit of a sluggish day today – it’s been one of those grey and wet ‘lights on all day’ November days, which always puts my brain into evening mode before it’s evening – but despite the rain I am looking forward to getting out to my Pilates class later this afternoon. Gradually doing the last-ish of my Christmas shopping as well, which is always a cheering experience.

Monday things

After a nice day off yesterday I’m getting back into things post-weekend. Lots of Christmas prep tasks sneaking up on me now. These days I like to have them done by the end of November so that there’s no stressful mad rush at the end.

Back to the Monday social run this evening – it’s been a few weeks since I last went. Looking forward to it.

Half-asleep Sunday

A great day out yesterday at the TechUP conference – it was really nice to attend an event and meet people in person for the first time. It was a pretty full-on day, and then I did two short treadmill runs late at night (one either side of midnight to keep my streak going), so I’m having a very chilled Sunday today! Gradually catching up with Strictly and various other things from the sofa.

Morning plans gone awry

No parkrun for me this morning 🙁  I was meant to be volunteering at Jesmond Dene but they had to cancel, and I couldn’t run at another parkrun as I had to catch a train late morning – no time to go home and get showered in between.  On top of that we had a power cut, so it was a bit of a mad morning – just not the kind of mad I was expecting! I’ll update about the TechUP reunion event tomorrow – it’s been interesting.

Weekend plans

A relatively quiet day today (I did go to the social run this morning, which was lovely!) before a busy one tomorrow, as I’m volunteering at parkrun then heading to Durham for the TechUP reunion event. It’ll be really nice to meet people in person after doing the course virtually last winter.

I’ll be back home for a late treadmill session tomorrow night and then a very laid-back Sunday!