RED day 207

Today’s earworm playlist:

Abba – ‘The Day Before You Came’
M – ‘Pop Musik’
Rizzle Kicks – ‘Down With The Trumpets’
Nintendo – ‘Scorching Sandpaper Desert (Battle)’
Alison Moyet – ‘The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’
Nintendo – ‘Shroom City’

Weekend feels

Just my Friday mile this morning…

…and I wouldn’t have had time to run further even if it had been scheduled, because I woke up really late again. I’m still struggling with my sleep pattern and this week has been especially bad. I’m actually looking forward to the nights properly drawing in as we get into the autumn, as I think it’s the light evenings that are the problem – it’s still not really getting dark until about 10pm here, and so my brain still thinks it’s daytime when I go to bed.

I’ve had a good day otherwise though. I’m enjoying the short game I’m making so much that I’m going to be working on it over the weekend, and then I’ll take Monday as a day for videogaming like I did during this last week. Geth and I are also planning to drive to Asda to do the weekend shop this evening, so we’ll be well stocked up for the next few days.

I was thrilled yesterday to find out that my most recent published game, One Last Thing…, had taken first place in the Adventuron Next Adventure Jam 😀 I worked really hard on the game and I’m so pleased that people enjoyed it. I need to do one more bugfix update, which I’ll release either tonight or tomorrow, and then I should be able to leave it alone for a while as I work on other projects.

Hopefully I’ll be able to regale you all with tales of weekend coding when I return to the blog on Monday! Until then, I’ll just be posting a couple of weekend running vlogs as usual.

Jam result
First out of seven entries is pretty good! Already looking forward to the next jam.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Alison Moyet – ‘The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’
Rebecca Black – ‘Friday’

Grey days

Another late-start just-a-mile run today…

…and I’m feeling a bit demotivated and really looking forward to having some certainty about my autumn running plans. Just a few more days.

I’m currently finishing off some admin and then I’ll be spending a few hours coding again. I’m really enjoying keeping my current game projects short and simple, as my games usually get very unwieldy.

Probably some Paper Mario again this evening. It’s a very samey week, but it’s the good kind of samey.

Just me
This is the face of someone who has completely run out of ideas for pictures to post on her blog. I’m okay. It’s a good four months into lockdown and I’m still generally appreciating this unplanned opportunity for a quiet year spent creating things.

Today’s earworm playlist:

ACE+ – ‘Central Factory’
Nina – ‘Automatic Call’
Rod Stewart – ‘Baby Jane’
Heaven 17 – ‘Let Me Go’

Phone Box Thursday: ‘Let Me Go’, Lothbury, and London

I am officially out of phone box photos to share with you, so it’s a different kind of Phone Box Thursday this week!

Last year, when I was still doing Music Video Monday posts, I did a piece on Heaven 17’s ‘Let Me Go’, which is a very nice example of classic red phone box use in music videos (while you can’t actually tell that the phone box is red in this black and white video, it was made in 1982 and therefore prior to the days when councils and other organisations started repainting phone boxes in funky non-red colours, so I am pretty much 100% certain that it was red).

This week, I thought I’d track down the location of the video shoot to see if the phone box was still there! This will be a regular feature when my own phone box collection is running short, so expect a few more posts on phone boxes from music videos and TV shows in the near future.

Heaven 17 - 'Let Me Go', filmed on Lothbury, London
Red (I assume!) phone box, Lothbury, London (from Heaven 17’s ‘Let Me Go’ video, filmed in 1982).

It took me a while to track down this London street, but due to the fact that later in the video Glenn Gregory runs past the National Westminster Bank at number 41, I managed to work out that the street in question was Lothbury, with the help of this beautifully ’80s architecture pamphlet about the bank building. It is, of course, no longer a NatWest, because bank branches never stay in the same place for very long!

Here it is on Google Street View (coordinates 51°51’47.2″N, 0°08’94.8″W)…

Lothbury, Google Street View, 2019
No phone box, Lothbury, London (Google Street View image from April 2019).

…and woe – you can see that the phone box in question is no longer there! Looking back through the Street View historical slider, it was also not there in the earliest Street View image taken in 2008, so it’s been gone for some time, sadly.

However, if we stay in the same position on Street View and turn ourselves 180 degrees to look back along the street…

Phone boxes on Lothbury (Google Street View, 2019).
Black and red phone boxes, Lothbury, London (Google Street View image from April 2019).

…there are a couple of classic phone boxes quite close to each other, one repainted black. So maybe one of them is the original ‘Let Me Go’ phone box and was moved by the council at some point between 1982 and 2008? You never know!

I may have some regularly-scheduled phone boxes for you next week, as Mum and Dad have identified a few more to collect in Dumfries and Galloway. Otherwise, I’ll be back in the world of ’80s music videos again!

Rabbit holes

I woke up late today, so it was just a mile again this morning…

…and a slow one to boot, but I’m okay with that. I’m just taking it as it comes now until London Marathon make their announcement.

I’ve been down a bit of a rabbit hole today (but a fun rabbit hole) doing research for tomorrow’s Phone Box Thursday post. It’s going to be interesting doing a slightly different style of post until I can get out and about and start collecting phone boxes again.

Just a couple of hours working on my coding now (I am making multiple short games at the moment, which are a lot of fun to work on!), and then I will spend a bit more time on Paper Mario tonight.

Christmas wrapping
Another potential project for the next couple of months: make some Christmas decorations out of old scraps of wrapping paper. I always intend to do stuff like that and end up leaving it too late!

Today’s earworm playlist:

Manami Kiyota – ‘Satorl Marsh’
Abba – ‘SOS’
Nina – ‘Automatic Call’
Nobuo Uematsu – ‘Cosmo Canyon’

A fairly slow Tuesday

Another mile this morning…

…and I’m still fairly slow this week, but I’m fine with that. I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to focus on in terms of my running this autumn and have a few challenges and ideas that I’m quite excited about. Just need to hear whether the London Marathon is going ahead in October or being postponed again (one week to go until the announcement is due!) and then I can make some concrete plans.

The rest of today has also been fairly slow going, but I should have all my admin and a bit of coding done by the end of the afternoon, so I can sneak in some more videogaming hours this evening! I spent eight hours playing Paper Mario: The Origami King yesterday and could honestly have played all night as well – I’m really enjoying it.

Similar day tomorrow… though hopefully not quite as slow!

Lucy Locket Loves casual leggings
I’m a bit obsessed with Lucy Locket Loves stuff at the moment – the bright patterns really cheer me up 🙂 These leggings are really comfy (though not quite as cosy as the loungewear, which is my new weekend go-to).

Today’s earworm playlist:

Manami Kiyota – ‘Satorl Marsh’
Rod Stewart – ‘Baby Jane’
The Beatles – ‘Ticket To Ride’
Harold Faltermeyer – ‘Axel F’

An impromptu Monday off

Back to the mile this morning…

…and now for a day off, as I was slightly busier over the weekend and so I made sure to get most of today’s stuff done yesterday in order that I could have a proper day on the sofa playing videogames today. See you tomorrow!

Next door's cat
Another photo from Geth’s lawnmowing session on Friday. Next door’s cat appears to be looking intently at the lawnmower wire here, but in actual fact it’s the patio doors beyond (not pictured), because as ever he’s desperate to get into our house.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Russ Abbot – ‘Atmosphere’
Yoko Shimomura – ‘Colony 9’
The Carpenters – ‘Top Of The World’
Duran Duran – ‘Shadows On Your Side’

All set

I got up early(ish) to do another mile this morning…

…because I had a very exciting appointment at the hairdresser, which I posted about here. I then spent the afternoon finishing off my day job work so that I’ve got a clean slate for next week and can properly enjoy the weekend in the meantime! I have so many games to play – my copy of Paper Mario: The Origami King arrived today, Beyond A Steel Sky (which I have been excited about for years) was released on Steam yesterday, and a couple of new Adventuron games have dropped in the last couple of days (one of which is in Spanish, so I will have to dust off my rusty linguistic skills).

I’m normally very strict about sleeping naturally but it has not been serving me well in terms of waking time recently, so I will set a couple of reasonably-timed alarms over the weekend in the hope that I will be able to get up, get my running and admin out of the way, and settle down to some gaming time.

I’ll post my running vlogs over the weekend as usual, but unless I get excited enough about one of the games I’m playing that I need to blog about it, don’t expect to hear anything else from me until Monday!

Geth mowing the lawn
Geth braved the garden today after multiple weekends on the bounce of it being ‘too wet for mowing’. It was apparently a haunting jungle experience and he will be making the effort to do it once a week from now on!

Today’s earworm playlist:

Manami Kiyota – ‘Satorl Marsh’
Nobuo Uematsu – ‘Temple Of Chaos’