Phone Box Thursday: Surrey Street, Sheffield

Here’s the second of the phone boxes I found en route to the Sheffield Half Marathon start line:

Red phone box
Red phone box, Surrey Street, Sheffield, 27th March 2022.

(Coordinates 53°38’07.5″N, 1°46’98.0″W.)

It’s one of several phone boxes lining this stretch of the city centre.

I have actually featured the Surrey Street boxes before, as Bill sent in a photo of the three of them a couple of years ago, but I’m doing new individual posts to feature my individual photos!

There’s also a bonus police box across the street…

Sheffield police box
What an interesting design!

Police boxes are normally outside the remit of my phone box posts – there are loads in Edinburgh, almost all of which have been turned into coffee kiosks, but I’ve never seen one outside Scotland before. Apparently they were green in South Yorkshire!

Another Surrey Street box next week.

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