Fashion (turn to… actually I don’t know which direction)

This week I sort of remembered that fashion exists, largely as a result of starting to listen to music again. Music and fun clothes are sort of intrinsically linked for me because I like ’80s music videos, and ’80s music videos are full of fun clothes.

Like a lot of people, I have not really thought about clothes in a non-functional way for a couple of years now. I didn’t really go out much in 2019 because I was newly sober and trying to avoid bar situations, I’ve always worked from home anyway, and during the pandemic I have settled down into a comfortable routine of going for a run in the morning and staying in the house the rest of the day. I’ve also put on a bit of weight (also like a lot of people). As such, I only wear running gear and loungewear now and haven’t given much consideration to the way they look. Comfort is king! I even spent most of last summer merrily wandering about outside in pyjama-esque loungewear because it was marginally more comfortable and breathable than leggings.

I expect this will continue, because I expect my life will continue to provide very few reasons to dress up. I like being a hermit and would still far rather be in my own home than anywhere else in pretty much all situations. Nevertheless, I find myself itching to put together impractical outfits again (and remind myself about all the clothes I actually have in my long-unopened wardrobes – I could probably do with a bit of a de-hoarding session anyway).

No photo today as I haven’t been brave enough to dig anything out yet. Maybe soon!

Early but cautiously optimistic

I have to say I’ve been a little surprised to have got through the first nine days of marathon training without much pain at all. All the runs so far have been four miles or less, but it’s still a fairly big step up in mileage from the mile-a-day most days I was doing over the early part of the winter, and I’d sort of assumed I would be going straight back to the state I was in towards the end of marathon training leading up to London in October – i.e. pretty much every part of me hurting on different days! But I feel fine so far. Let’s hope that continues.

I had a hospital appointment yesterday for the chronic hip/back pain I’ve had for a decade now (they think it might be spondylitis due to a predisposing gene) and it looks like investigations will be fairly quick, but of course it will be something that needs permanent managing rather than something that will ever go away for good. Which is fine – I know what works after so long (mainly keeping my weight down and keeping active). It’s just a case of maintaining things, really.

More manic than blue Monday

(Yes, my ’80s pop playlist is back on heavy repeat. Can you tell?)

I expected to be struggling a bit today for various reasons (mostly outwith my control). I’m not, but let’s leave it at that. It’s been a busy day, certainly.

And here’s the only ‘Blue Monday’ I want to hear about today (like many people I expect):

parkrunday: Town Moor #524

Geth and I were back on the Moor for the first time in a while this morning – it was the first time in a couple of months for me, though Geth did go in early December.

Much happier with my parkrun time than two weeks ago!

I honestly thought I’d be really slow again because all my three-mile runs this last week have taken well over forty minutes and I’ve been finding my slow pace a bit frustrating. However, I found today I was able to start out strong for the first mile, keep up for the second mile, and bomb the last mile – just as I was doing at Town Moor in the autumn! So I can pull the speed out from somewhere – I just don’t know how to apply it to my solo runs. My weekly parkrun will have to be my main speedwork session for this marathon training block, I feel.

I kept my barcode in my clear phone case today while I was having it scanned, but I ended up as an unknown and had to email in for my result to be added, so I’d probably better keep it out of the case in future.

Still making plans for the next few parkrundays but we will end up somewhere!

Three down, 137 to go

I’m three days into my marathon plan and so have done the first three runs. The first two days were three-milers, which did not feel like the difficult step up I feared they might after rarely doing more than a mile per day for the last few months: they were both nice trips out with one of my favourite podcasts on the go. Unfortunately, they were also both achingly slow (like, the pace I used to stagger round with the tailwalker at parkrun when I was at my heaviest more than five years ago). They didn’t feel slow (or no slower than usual: I was just doing my standard easy plod) so I’m a bit worried. Maybe all the treadmilling over the last couple of months has slowed me down. I’m hoping that a bit of speedwork will help, but there’s none of that on the plan until next Wednesday.

Today was a rest day (there’s an extra one on the plan in week one), which for me is a mile run to keep my run streak going. I was tempted to throw in some strides to test the speed, but I resisted. Rest day miles are not about speed.

I’ve got a four-miler tomorrow (Thursdays are long run days but it’s not super long for the first few weeks), which I’m already looking forward to as I’ve plotted out a nice route. Really crossing everything that the weather will be better for parkrun this week as well.

Trying to be a bit more disciplined

(I’ll get back to the ice cream posts… sometime soon.)

I realised over Christmas that the first couple of months of 2022 were going to be a bit hectic with all the stuff I needed to do. As such, post-holiday I’ve got back into a strict weekday routine – running/housework/work/studying/life admin/downtime – with strict hours set for each so that nothing gets neglected. It feels a bit ‘go go go’ and so I’m sort of worried I’ll end up letting things slide (as usually happens), but I just have to keep remembering that it’s only for a couple of months. I’ll try and have a break after TechUP ends in February.

Adventures in Coding: A Brief Update

Since I finished making my last game in November, I have been doing zero game creation, but that’s because I’ve been really busy learning all about software development on the TechUP course. We’re now into the final stages and are starting work on a group project, which is fairly challenging as it’s a bit ‘in at the deep end’, but hopefully we’ll have a good output at the end of it. I’ve got lots of modules to catch up with at the same time, so it’s going to be a bit manic from now until mid-February!

Post-TechUP I have lots and lots of plans though. In addition to getting back to my regularly scheduled game creation, I will be continuing my Python learning in a more hobbyist fashion, as Geth got me lots of Python game coding books for Christmas and I got some great Python manuals from Mum and Dad as well (mostly Dad… I think Mum may have done the wrapping). I also want to learn a bit of HTML, CSS and JavaScript as I have plans to make some fairly complex websites over the summer – one will be a client-facing website for my business (one of the two key ambitions I had for utilising what I’ve learnt on the course*), while the other will be a fun interactive map for my phone box photo collection.

Lots to look forward to, but I need to knuckle down and finish the course first. It can feel a bit overwhelming sometimes but I have learnt a lot.

*The other ambition is to change careers into something more tech-focused. Eventually!