Race Recap: Sunderland 10k 2024

A week after the Newcastle-Gateshead 10k, on 12th May, I was racing again – in Sunderland this time. This is the second year in a row I’ve doubled up on these 10ks and I almost certainly won’t be doing it again next year. My spring 2025 A race will be the Edinburgh Half Marathon at the end of May and so I’ll be trying to avoid filling up my training block with too many fast 10k efforts!

It was a nice morning out as I was travelling to and from the race with several other Benchies on the Metro. I always like Sunderland as I always get a PB there – it does have a few small hills but I find it to be a fast course with a good start and not too much congestion once you get into it.

As this is an Events of the North race, Steve Cram is the race director, and just wanders around in his hi-vis doing all the normal race director stuff on the day. Runners unfamiliar with the race are often a bit taken aback by this and a bit starstruck – you hear a lot of audible gasps of recognition when he comes down to lead the runners out to the start line!

We started relatively close to the front and I was able to get away in a fairly speedy manner on the heels of the fast laddies. My first couple of miles were too fast – 7:20ish min mile pace – and I ended up doing a 5k PB at the halfway split, which is never a good thing in a 10k! I faded pretty hard but held on as much as I could for the second half, managing to get over the line in 48:57 official time. (My watch said 49:03 and I thought ‘ahhh, next time’… but then I got the results text a few seconds later!) That’s a 37-second PB following the North Tyneside 10k in March, so I was really happy!

Sunderland 10k
Club photo at the finish.

I have two more races during this training block – the 5.8-mile Blaydon Race (tomorrow as of this writing!) and the Great North 10k in early July. I’ll give them my best shot (in particular, Sunderland has given me the confidence to go for it and try and take a full 10 minutes off my Blaydon time from last year), but even if I don’t get another PB at the GN10k, I think I can still be pretty happy with a sub-49 for this season. We’ll see what happens.

parkrunday: Town Moor #626

I did decide to pace after all this last weekend. I’d had a few weeks with lots of races and other hard efforts, and so I thought it was probably best to take it easy for once.

I asked to be the 30 minute pacer as I’d managed that really well last time and knew the pace I needed to stick to. I don’t think I was quite as steady as the previous time I’d done it, but I still came in very consistently at 29:57.

More volunteering this next weekend as I’ve got another race coming up!

Race Recap: Newcastle-Gateshead 10k 2024

I first ran this 10k last year, when it was part of the ‘Gateshead Half Marathon and 10k’. This year a full marathon distance was added, so the event is now the ‘Newcastle-Gateshead Marathon, Half Marathon and 10k’ as a substantial chunk of the course is now run on the Newcastle side of the river. It took place on 5th May this year (it’s taken me a while to do the blog – May was a really hectic month!).

I knew various other people doing the 10k, half and full distances – including a few Benchies who were running their very first marathon – so I knew it would be a good day out!

After greeting some of said Benchies at the start area at Gateshead Stadium, I waited for the marathon start to clear and made my way to (relatively) near the front for the half/10k start. I had an A goal of a PB (following my 49:34 at North Tyneside in March) and a B goal of a consistent sub-50. I was still feeling fairly slow and sluggish at this point – I had only run Manchester Marathon three weeks beforehand – but I thought I’d give it my best shot and see where I was. This was the first of four races during my spring/summer 10k season so I would have a few more opportunities.

I went off as fast as I could out of the stadium and down the hills, settling into a steady-feeling pace. I managed to stay at a consistent-feeling effort for most of the route, and my pace did remain fairly steady, but keeping up with my back-and-forth with the 50 minute pacer was getting noticeably harder. Nevertheless, every mile was under 8 minute mile pace… until the last one, when you have to climb up all those hills you sprinted down during the first mile! I wasn’t quite able to stick with the pacer up those hills, and couldn’t pick up enough of a sprint on the track when back in the stadium to catch her. I finished in 50:17, so didn’t quite hit my B goal. Still fairly consistent though, and I was pleased to manage this kind of effort for the first time since the marathon, so I can’t complain.

Newcastle-Gateshead 10k
Finished! And knackered 😀 Photo from Runthrough.

The rest of the day was really fun, watching friends finish their races and cheering in those who were doing the marathon! It was a good day out and a great atmosphere at the stadium, and I might go along next year even though I’m not planning on taking part.

Newcastle-Gateshead run event
Party time! Photo from Wasif at TMBR.

Onto another 10k the following week… blog coming soon.