Really feeling that missing hour

I had a whole day free to get on with stuff today, but because of the clocks going forward it’s felt like I’ve had slightly less of a whole day. Going to try and get an early night in order to adjust.

I’ve spent most of the day planning out my notes for April’s writing projects – I’m really quite excited about being able to get back into those. Most of my weeks will be nice and quiet so I’ll have the time to write.

Starting tomorrow as I mean to go on! No time for April Fools – it’ll just be me and my laptop.

OOTD 31st March 2019
OOTD: smart but comfy. Dress Tammy (1997), tights Primark (2017), shoes New Look (2014).

Today’s earworm playlist:

The Prodigy – Omen
T’Pau – China In Your Hand
Kim Wilde – You Keep Me Hangin’ On
Stevie Nicks – Rooms On Fire
Billie Eilish – Bury A Friend
Duran Duran – The Chauffeur
Mabel – Don’t Call Me Up

Music Review: Suzi Quatro: No Control

I was interested to hear that there was a new Suzi Quatro album out this week! I first got into Suzi’s classic stuff in my late teens when I was going through my glam rock phase, and she’s still one of my favourite rock acts.

Suzi Quatro - No Control

Let’s have a listen to the new tracks.

No Soul/No Control

I like the spooky atmosphere in this one – it sort of reminds me of gothabilly tracks I’ve heard.

Going Home

It’s got a good swing rhythm, but I find the verse a bit repetitive.


This is a nice upbeat track with a real classic rock feel about it. Nice sweeping epic chorus too!

Love Isn’t Fair

Lots of stuff going on in this track – there’s a nice reggae/calypso bit in the instrumentals, a fun ’60s feel to the vocals, and a general party atmosphere. I really like this one.

Macho Man

Back to the harder guitar for this track, which is the most reminiscent so far of Suzi’s classic early ’70s period. Good piece of stompy rock.

Easy Pickings

A slightly slower track, though still quite upbeat, with lots of harmonica interspersed throughout. I really like the piano solo!

Bass Line

Despite the title, it’s again the piano that I most like in this track. It’s a lovely tune too, with a great atmosphere on the instrumentals.

Don’t Do Me Wrong

Another classic rock track with a nice swing rhythm. Love the harmonica on this one!

Heavy Duty

This is another track that could have come straight out of the ’70s. Huge bonus points for the sax solo.

I Can Teach You To Fly

This one is very reminiscent of Slade’s Coz I Love You, though it’s a little more uptempo. There are also slight hints of Abba’s later output in the vocals. It’s a very pleasing mishmash of sounds, and one of my favourite tracks on the album.

Going Down Blues

A very classic-sounding blues number to finish. Good stuff!

Overall a very interesting collection with lots of different sounds and genres going on. It feels slightly unfocused as an album, but there are quite a few standout tracks that will be going on my playlist.

New sources of energy

I did a four-hour 19-mile run on the treadmill this morning. Thankfully that will be the longest I have to run on the treadmill (ever, I hope), because when I do next weekend’s long run, which will be the longest on my training plan, I will be out on the roads to make sure that I’m properly prepared for road-running such a long distance.

I’ve been finding for the last few weeks, as the long runs have got longer, that I need to fuel with sugar during the run to prevent myself from running out of energy. With treadmill running, this has been fairly easy – I just have a bowl of Celebrations that I can munch on when I step off the treadmill for a few seconds to have a drink – but it’s going to be more difficult on the road, as there’s only so much I can carry in my running belt. Next week will be a good trial to see how I can manage it.

I’ve not had the energy to do much else today, so all my weekend tasks will get done tomorrow! Spending the evening on the sofa with Geth, who also needs to rest after a bad fall yesterday.

OOTD 30th March 2019
OOTD: it got strangely grey and dark outside mid-afternoon so an indoor shot will have to suffice! Jumper unknown brand (vintage 1980s, bought at vintage fair 2017), skirt unknown brand (vintage 1980s, bought at vintage fair 2017), tights Primark (2017), shoes Primark (2018).

Today’s earworm playlist:

Lewis Capaldi – Grace
Sarah Brightman and Steve Harley – The Phantom Of The Opera
Duran Duran – Lonely In Your Nightmare
Geri Halliwell – Look At Me
Mott The Hoople – All The Young Dudes

2019 Pizzas #8: Dr Oetker Ristorante Mozzarella

I treated myself to this oven pizza on Thursday night, because Geth was out boardgaming and I wanted something quick to bung in the oven when I got back from Pilates.

Dr Oetker Ristorante Mozzarella
Dr Oetker Ristorante Mozzarella.

This pizza should not be confused with the Dr Oetker Ristorante Margherita, which also has mozzarella, tomatoes, and herbs on, but differently. I’m not sure if they still make the Margherita as I’ve not seen it for a while.

Anyway, Dr Oetker Ristorante pizzas have been my absolute go-to for oven pizza for a good decade or so. Geth usually has the Speciale for meat ‘n’ mushroom purposes, and I tend to favour the Mozzarella (they did use to do a nice spicy veg option called the Vegetale but it seems to have been discontinued now). It’s not quite the Italian restaurant pizza experience claimed by the TV adverts, but it’s still the king of oven pizzas.

Behind the wheel

I went out driving this morning, using the car club membership I’ve been neglecting since November. It’s been a good fifteen months since I last drove, but it all comes back to you. I’ll be buying a car soon, so I wanted to get used to it again before I go test driving.

I spent the rest of the day doing research and admin. Really looking forward to getting back to writing next week! I’ll be taking part in Camp NaNoWriMo during April, which is not quite as intensive as the November version but should encourage me to get more done every day. That pitch will be going out early next week as well – I’m done with letting everything else get in the way of it.

In the meantime, I’ll be concentrating on running over the weekend.

OOTD 29th March 2019
OOTD: sun is glorious right now! Scarf Matalan (2016), hoodie Sonar (2006), vest top Batman (2018), jeans H&M (thrifted from Steff 2016), trainers Reebok (2013).

Today’s earworm playlist:

Pretenders – I’ll Stand By You
Eurythmics – Who’s That Girl?
Duran Duran – Come Undone
Tchaikovsky – Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy
REM – Bad Day
Duran Duran – Union Of The Snake
Lewis Capaldi – Someone You Loved
Queen – One Vision
Queen – I Want It All
Lewis Capaldi – Grace
Depeche Mode – Behind The Wheel

Nearly the end of the week

A fairly typical Thursday today – Slimming World and Pilates took up most of my time, and I spent the rest catching up with admin.

I’m not sure I’m going to do the next Pilates course as the classes are at slightly different times. It might be good to have a few weeks off, anyway, as marathon training is taking up enough of my time exercise-wise.

More admin to do tomorrow.

OOTD 28th March 2019
OOTD: comfy Thursday outfit. Scarf MyScarf (2019), hoodie Sonar (2006), vest top Primark (2018), leggings Primark (2018), trainers Reebok (2018).

Today’s earworm playlist:

Sam Smith and Normani – Dancing With A Stranger
Duran Duran – Hungry Like The Wolf
Duran Duran – Come Undone
David Bowie – The Jean Genie
David Bowie – Queen Bitch
Cast of FrozenLet It Go
David Bowie – Starman
Charlie Puth – One Call Away
Ed Sheeran – Castle On The Hill

And a bonus track that Geth was humming earlier:

Cast of FrozenDo You Want To Build A Snowman?

Back it up

My plans for today changed when I woke up to a few emails from clients this morning, so I’ve spent most of the day doing day job work. I’ve also been working on a giant complicated backup I’m doing of all my computer stuff. I have an external hard drive that always refused to work with my previous laptop but has decided it likes my current one, so that’s going to give me a bit more breathing room.

Ukulele class tonight, and hopefully a straightforward Thursday tomorrow!

OOTD 27th March 2019
OOTD: all the blues. Hoodie Sonar (2006), scarf unknown brand (2019), t-shirt Campus Crew for Toronto Blue Jays (2018), jeans Zara (2018), trainers Reebok (2017).

Today’s earworm playlist:

Oasis – Songbird
Duran Duran – Girls On Film
Jona Lewie – You’ll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties

Booze Alternative: Britvic Ginger Ale

Two months after I first tried Britvic Ginger Beer (and there was a bit of confusion at the bar about whether I was having the ginger beer or the ginger ale), I finally came across the ginger ale in the hotel bar in Inverness the other week. It was very different to the ginger beer, so I can finally confirm that it was definitely the ginger beer I had in Newburgh!

Britvic Ginger Ale
Britvic Ginger Ale.

Contrary to what the label on the bottle neck says, this one is not spicy at all. However, it’s got a lovely sweet taste, and was very pleasant.

A quiet Tuesday

I did my Tuesday recovery run this morning (which is starting to feel NOT AT ALL like a ‘recovery run’ now that it’s two hours long!). I’ve tried to keep the rest of the day quiet, so I’ve just been getting on with admin and housework. Evening plans involve ukulele practice and doing a bit of boardgaming with Geth.

I’ve set aside tomorrow for sorting out my long-delayed book pitch, so hopefully – hopefully – I will be able to say that’s done soon!

OOTD 26th March 2019
OOTD: selfie on the sofa for a post-run Tuesday afternoon. Jumper Ellend (vintage 1980s, bought at vintage fair 2019).

Today’s earworm playlist:

Oasis – Songbird
Richard Marx – Right Here Waiting
Queen – We Will Rock You
Lewis Capaldi – Someone You Loved
The Clash – White Riot
NSG and Tion Wayne – Options
Bastille – Good Grief
Murray Head – One Night In Bangkok