Running but otherwise zzzzz

Quiet weekend has almost landed. It’s pretty wet here this afternoon and I’ll be glad to be inside all weekend (running excepted!).

I went out with the social run group this morning – a nice steady run with just three of us. The rain held off till nearly the end! Planning to join the group again later in the weekend if it’s not too wet / I’m not too lazy 🙂

Eyes on October

Nice quiet week continues and so does the planning for my Hallowe’en game. The aim is to get everything sketched out this week and then start the coding for it next week. Excited to get back into game-making after doing other things for a few months.

Also excited about a quiet weekend for the first time since August! September has been an interesting but fairly manic month.

A nice start to the week

My comma day run was lovely. It was a wet evening but there was a lovely rainbow at one point, and it was really nice to run with the social group! Onto the next thousand now with a nice gentle mile this morning.

A quieter week at work this week so I’m hoping for some early finishes. Got a game to finish playing and another to start making 🙂

Comma day

In running streak parlance, I am going to earn my comma this evening 🙂 I am going to join the social group run for my thousandth day running in a row. I was a little bit worried last night as my back issues were playing up, but everything seems to be fine today so fingers crossed I’ll be able to keep up with the group. It’s usually busy on the Monday night run so I’m sure there’ll be plenty of company.

After that, I will be joining Geth at home for celebratory cake!

parkrunday: Town Moor #553

It was actually my 150th parkrun today, but I totally forgot about that until I was about half a mile into the run! I am way too disorganised with parkrun at the moment to mark these things in any way (I didn’t even know which parkrun I was going to until last night as Geth had changed his mind since we last discussed it), but it’s nice to tick off another complete 50. Onwards to 200 and 250 eventually I hope.

The run itself was a bit disappointing today (no energy) but I found my cheap trail shoes did better with the gravel than other pairs I’ve tried on the Moor recently, so I’ll stick with them for now.

No picture today as I only remembered to take a picture of my token, which isn’t very interesting! Will wait for the official ones.

Back on it

I did my first longer-than-a-mile run since the GNR today – back with the social group. I was a bit nervous beforehand that my legs would have forgotten how to pick up the pace, but it was fine today and my back issues seem to have retreated for now. I’ve got lots of plans for my strength training this autumn to try and keep them away.

Now for the weekend. Lots of running, a bit of house stuff and some family time.

Phone Box Thursday: Warburton Bridge Road, Warrington

Mum and Dad have been travelling around England and have sent me a veritable haul of phone box pictures, so I’ve got lots to share over the next few months!

This first one is from near Warburton Bridge and appears to be located slightly off the road in a car park.

Red phone box
Red phone box, Warburton Bridge Road, Warrington, 16th September 2022.

(Coordinates 53°40’92.6″N, 2°46’46.9″W.)

This phone box is empty and missing a few panes of glass, but the paint appears to be quite well-kept. Nicely framed among the trees too!

Nearly the end of the recovery period

I’ve just been doing daily mile runs since the disastrous experience at the GNR. Legs still feel a bit heavy and I’m still getting occasional back twinges, but on the whole I feel ready to do some proper runs again. I’ll do parkrun and one or two social runs this weekend, and hopefully start getting into a good pattern for the autumn.

After training for one thing or another since the start of 2022, I do feel slightly adrift, but I know what I want to focus on for the next three months before the training plan starts for the spring marathon.