Phone Box Thursday: Surrey Street, Sheffield

Here’s another phone box photo sent in by Bill, depicting three red phone boxes. I don’t think I ever had cause to bump into these ones during my once-annual trips to Sheffield for Resistanz Festival!

Red phone boxes
Red phone boxes, Surrey Street, Sheffield, 2nd January 2020.

(Coordinates 53°38’07.7″N, 1°46’98.5″W.)

You can just about see all three phone boxes in the Street View image linked above – the third box is under the tree on the right! The Street View image was taken in summer, on a busier day, so it’s harder to make them out.

These boxes look very well-kept, as tends to be the case with city centre phone boxes (councils seem to maintain them better in city centres as they’re popular with tourists).

Back to rural Scotland next week, and the long quest to capture as many small village boxes as possible before they get removed…

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